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Travel kayak paddle: Things to remember while purchasing kay

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A travel kayak paddle is an important gear which is a must-buy for anyone who has bought a kayak. It is a vital accessory which empowers you to control and accelerate in your desired way. So, if you still haven’t bought a paddle, then it is time that you go invest in it. It won’t be a big investment since most of them are pretty affordable, and can be easily purchased at discounted prices from the internet. However, it is again a challenging job because of the various types and varieties that are sold online. Someone who has little idea about the pros and cons of these paddles will find it a Herculean task to buy the perfect pair.

You must understand that each type of kayak paddle has been designed to offer you comfort and convenience. Therefore, on the onset, make it clear that no paddle is bad or unfriendly for use. It is just that the paddle which is perfect for your friend may not be the most suitable for you, since a lot of factors go into it. Different paddles have different designs, shapes, sizes, looks and features. Their prices also vary. So, you need to figure out your ideal type of paddle only after assessing all these considerations.

For instance, there is the European style of travel kayak paddle which is very light and has a shape that allows you to easily cut through water. Therefore, they would be ideal for people with nimble legs and for those who are pretty amateurish. On the other hand, you can also opt for the ones that are styled in Greenland design. These are more roundish and will suit those who prefer to roll. So, someone who can roll on tirelessly would find them much more appealing than the one mentioned earlier.

The length of the paddle is equally, if not more, significant. In fact, some people commit the error of not placing enough importance to the length they are opting for. But any expert would tell you that the length plays the most dominant role when it comes to comfort and endurance. The longer paddles are the best for you if you wish to get greater acceleration. Because they have long blades, they pick up speed very fast and you get to breeze along at great speed in just about a jiffy. However, on the downside, they need more muscle power since the water will offer more resistance because of the greater length.

In contrast, a shorter travel kayak paddle is perfect for those who do not want to put their muscles to test. Because of the shortness of length, they cut through the water more easily (since the resistance is lower) and keep tiredness at bay for a longer time. But on the downside, they will take more time to pick up speed since they are slower on the acceleration quotient. So, if your priority is acceleration and speed, then you must opt for longer blades (but they will make you tired sooner than the shorter ones), or else prefer the short-bladed ones (especially if you wish to save energy for longer trips).

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