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How to learn French

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French is the native language of not only France but of Luxembourg, Haiti and 15 other African countries. It has acquired the status of the official language in Belgium, Switzerland and Canada. It is spoken as the second language in various countries like Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Lebanon etc. French language has descended from Latin. Its widespread usage in so many countries has made it one of the greatest languages of the world. With its dominance in 5 continents and as the language of International Society and diplomacy with English being its only competitor, it can be safely said that French Language is the most sought after foreign language in the world to be learnt. There are various French language courses in which you can enrol yourself and earn yourself the knowledge of a global language.

 In order to acquire expertise in any field it is important to be consistent and regular in putting the learning into use. French language is known for its heavy accents and pronunciations which are dictated by consistent rules. Hence it is very important to make conversations in French. Joining French speaking groups and friends with whom interactions are on a regular basis will definitely give an impetus to speak more of the language and help get the desired fluency.

Get the hang of the most commonly used words and phrases to get you started. These would be the basic everyday usage words. Here an audio CD or software can be of help to learn to speak French.

When you are at a level that you can start communicating in the language, it is very important to have a translation dictionary whether physically present in your pocket or as an application on your phone. This can surely help you get over any snags in the process of communication.

The saying that “Practice Makes a Man Perfect” is best applicable when you want to retain what you have heard or learnt. Practical usage is the correct way which will take you ahead.

Do not limit yourself with course books and CDs. Broaden your horizon by reading magazines, watching movies and plays, listening to music in French to give you that extra edge in learning the language.       

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