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Techniques and Theory of Music Lessons in Orange County

by cherieseldon

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Music lessons are important to play well whether you wish to play in a band, in an orchestra, or leisurely by yourself or with friends. Playing an instrument well involves more than knowing to tune the instrument, playing the chords and notes, and following the progression of existing songs. Music lessons in Orange County helps music enthusiasts know how to play the guitar and bass guitar appropriately and improve on existing skills to minimize errors throughout performances.


Similar to any musical instrument, plucked stringed instruments, particularly the guitar and the bass, need to be used with the right method. Some of these techniques feature body posture, hand and arm arm and hand positioning, and perfect handling of the instrument. These techniques also include the different styles of playing the instrument with either the pick or the fingers or plectrum.


The bass guitar and the guitar are two of the most typically used instruments in modern music. Enthusiasts are typically led to believe that they can simply learn ways to play simply by viewing video tutorials on the Internet. While this is mostly true, learning basic music theory--scales, notes, and chord progression--can enhance on the skills of individuals who know how to play and make a sturdy foundation for those starting to learn.

Improvisation and Rhythm

Classical training on the bass or guitar is simply building on great foundation instead of sticking with specific types of playing. Bass and guitar lessons in Orange County train players in improvisational playing and making variations of created tunes. Knowing music theory beforehand becomes profoundly useful in this part of training.

Ear Training

Musically inclined people have the tendency to have a sharp ear; even without classical training in music, they can recognize subtle blunders like going off-key. Improving on this ability can help guitar and bass players play their instruments well without having to look at the fingerboard at all times. This also helps them to learn their own blunders while playing.


Individuals learning to play the electric guitar or bass guitar can also discover ways to utilize several tools and equipment. Budding entertainers can understand ways to utilize tuners, amplifiers, and wires for their instruments. Impressive music is rooted in great foundations indeed. For more details, view

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