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Escorts in East London Love Christmassy Cocktails

by jacobjhon111

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The East of London is the probably the hippest place around right now. For a few years, the area’s growing art and music scene has been producing underground superstars that have gone on to challenge the status quo and crack the mainstream, and the streets of trendy Brick Lane are lined with galleries and fashionable little boutiques. It’s proved to be a real catalyst for business, art and pleasure in the area, with everyone from carpenters to East London escorts benefitting from the sudden surge of interest and excitement in the area. This is most likely the pinnacle of the area’s brilliance though, the time when the indie art meets with the mainstream money and the two are united in a glorious blaze of colour and light. In the new year, it may very well be that the area becomes too commercialised, and the true avant garde move on to new pastures. There are already rumblings of it now.


So this is the perfect time to spend christmas in East London: one more crazy, creative party before things inevitably change again. One such experience lies in the waters of Canary Wharf, where artists have made an installation out of 300 little paper boats that sits gently on the surface. Each of them is fitted with a tiny array of lights that glow in a whole host of colours. It’s a piece of interactive art, so members of the public can play their part in influencing it by using their mobiles phones to send signals via Wi-Fi. These signals will influence the shade and hue of the boats as they transform in their ever shifting spectrum of light.


Meanwhile, innovative cocktail bars like Apples and Pears look to add some of that creativity to their drinks. They whip up concoctions to suit any customer, so gentlemen fearing a frilly pink cocktail in the sugared glass with the little umbrella can rest easy. For him, they can whip up a mixture of honeyed Jack Daniels, lemons, a twist of  orange and a little hint of ginger, for a thoroughly robust and manly approach to what has traditionally been considered a girly type of drinks. Or, he could just have an imported Italian lager, cold and crisp over fresh ice with no extra bits of citrus fruit or any trimmings. The cocktail scene is particularly popular among escorts in East London because girls like that are after something a little bit different, some excitement and some pizzaz. They won’t be disappointed when they see caramel flavoured vodkas blended with smooth creams and vanillas to give a sinfully rich, smooth indulgence that’s unmatched by almost any other drink available. Or perhaps she would prefer the clean, floral notes of blueberries, lime and lavender, mixed up into a silky little number that’s all about the delicious harmony of flavours.

Author Information: Jacob Jhon is a freelance writer, who contributes to numerous blogs and websites, covering a wide range of topics. He wrote articles on Escort in East London, benefitting from the sudden surge of interest and excitement in the area. For more information click on Escorts babe here.

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