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Salt Lake City SEO Tips for Boosting Your Website's Speed

by sageaumick

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Google once claimed in one of its blog posts that "faster websites create happy users." That said, page speed has been weighed more heavily in Google's search ranking algorithm since 2010. It makes good sense for Google to do this since if your site is too slow, you'll surely lose a number of potential clients. So take everything into account when it concerns improving your website's speed.

You can go to your Google Webmaster Tools account and click Labs, then Site Performance, to figure out how fast your web page loads. There, you'll discover a performance review of your website which shows how much time it takes for your website to load. If it takes two seconds or more, Google sees that as slow; you must carry out improvement measures. Aside from having a Salt Lake City SEO company take care of your website, listed here are some small improvements you can do to increase your page speed.

Image optimization

Compressing the size of image files has actually been a terrific method to optimize load speed since the very early days of the World Wide Web. Compress your image files sufficiently and be sure that you enter the exact image dimensions in your HTML code. Without the correct dimensions, web browsers take a much longer time to render a page.

CSS and JavaScript references

Webpages have come far from how they were before. What previously were basic HTML documents now have a range of embedded resources like scripts, cascading style-sheet (CSS) information, and third-party applications. Google's Page Speed tool advises minimizing the number of external JavaScript and CSS files that contain extremely small bits of code.

Browser caching

The web server software you utilize can send info to web browsers to help them cache content and work more effectively. For a large number of web server software, you can adjust the "Cache Control" or "Expires" header elements for the information you are sending out. You have to seek advice from your SEO provider to make these types of modifications.

If these pointers seem too technical, or if you cannot give time to carry them out, you can always have your trusted Salt Lake City SEO company undertake them for you. By sticking to these three tips, you can considerably optimize the speed of your website. Find out even more website speed optimization tips from

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