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Finance and Rental Services for MRI Scanning Machines

by directmedical

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All across the globe, MRI Imaging Centers hunt for some quality tested MRI Scanning machines. Direct Medical Imaging is a seemly solution, which has come up with an innovative idea of finance and rental services of these MRI Scan Systems.There are almost 50% medical imaging centres which could not afford MRI machines and equipment because of their low budget and unaffordable price of these machines. Now, this new scheme brings a supple option of rental machines or can enhance their budget limit by tempting financial scheme.

How these schemes can be productive?

As we know, MRI Scan machines have become the most essential part of the medical world. Almost 90% of the patient needs to go through this procedure. Scarcity of these machines can cause blunder to the health of any patient. Therefore, the company Direct Medical Imaging thought of this innovative idea. In a very short span of time, these rental and financial schemes got appreciation in many medical imaging centres.

People all across the world can now get this amenity of MRI at a budgeted cost. Both financial scheme and rental services require a small and easy EMI which are easy to manage for Imaging Centres. This in turn, gives relaxation to the patient’s pocket as they get this service at a budgeted cost.

What additional services can be provided under these schemes?

There is no discrimination in the name of buying and financial rental schemes. Medical Imaging Centres get the same services as the normal buyer gets. It includes:

  • Refurbished MRI Scan parts of different brands can be procured at DMI.
  • Customers can get Water Chillers for their MRI scanning machines and that also in sundry sizes.
  • Maintenance and Power Solutions are also available for MRI and CAT scan machines.

Why MRI machines needed in centres?

MRI is better known as Medical Resonance Imaging. This technique mainly helps to explore internal disturbances of the body. It is a core process of human body diagnosis. Therefore, its demand in Medical Imaging Centres is on top these days. There are some eminent companies which supply these MRI Scanning machines to the centres but their cost is out of the bound for small centres. Thus, DMI initiated some exclusive deals/services like:

  • Equipment and Machine Rental Services
  • Full Contract Maintenance Services
  • Equipment Replacement services
  • MRI Scan System Repair Services
  • Lease Finance

Pros of this scheme:

Finance and Rental Services of Direct Medical Imaging has a lot of pros associated with it:

  • Affordable to all size Medical Imaging centres
  • Enhances the Availability of MRI Machines to the patients
  • Reduction in the cost of MRI Scanning System

DMI’s veteran founders vouch to increase the number of Medical Imaging Centres throughout the world with this new marketing strategy. Having all the branded MRI Scan machine parts, they offer attractive and tempting rental and financial schemes to the smallest of the imaging centre. It eliminates the chances of health emasculation due to scarcity of MRI machines.

Miss. Kelly Martin is an expert in MRI and CT Equipment New, Refurbished & Used parts Advisor. She has years of experience servicing the medical imaging equipment, parts and service market. She works with Direct Medical Imaging. She writes about various Philips MRI Chiller and Medical Chiller.


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