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Comparison of Android App Market to iPhone App Market

by anonymous

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There were days when a smart phone meant something to organize emails and calendar but the world has changed quickly. Today if you ask a user about what’s the power of a smartphone, the answer would most likely be applications. iPhone has always been the king of apps but looking at the current trend, android app development does not look lagging behind. Is one market over the other or do they both have to offer same things, let’s find out.

  • Games

Recently, Google said that it has hit the milestone of 700,000 Android apps which is somewhere wound the iStore figure but when it comes to games, iPhone application services are much ahead in the race. There are numerous causal games including Plants vs Zombies, Mass Effect, Sims and so on. Such games are downloaded by the masses and as far as Android is concerned, it’s still lagging here. No one can deny that developers are coming up with the Android versions too but for now that’ll take some time.

Gaming apps winner: iPhone

  • Social Networking

When it comes to social network apps, you will have to say that iPhones do not have the best of options. The problem is that free apps offer little support and you have to dig in really deep for the feeds. On the other hand, Android phone have some really interesting applications including the Timescape offering live feeds on the wall. However, Microsoft phones take the take here with interactive feeds running all day long.

Social network apps winner: Android

  • Kiddie Stuff

Whether you are a parent or stuck with a kid in the car, applications can offer some serious help. There are all sorts of apps available for iPhones to soothe, play and have fun with children. In fact, people are more than happy to pay for the high quality apps. However, Android app development is seriously lagging behind in the section. You can hardly find any apps for children and whatever little is there offers no support whatsoever.

Kiddie stuff app winner: iPhone

  • Entertainment

iTunes is still very much what Steve Jobs wanted it to be. Leaving aside the bloat, synchronization is smooth with all your media at one place. Playlists, TV, movies and music can be neatly accessed and organized using iPhone. Plus, you also have some good entertainment iPhone application services. On Android platforms, media is still restricted to third party apps as there is nothing dedicated to the section.

Entertainment apps winner: iPhone

  • GPS

It’s probably useless to argue on the point given that Google Maps is the weapon for Androids here. Not even the most sophisticated of Android app development can beat the features of Google Maps and Navigation and Apple maps have a lot to work on for now.

GPS app winner: Android

Result: As for now, iPhone takes three out of five points and wins. Android app development is certainly good at numbers but much work is needed to be done in terms of expansion of categories and quality of apps. 

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