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Best Supplier of Temporary Fencing, Grating and Cattle Yards

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New Bridge Services provides steel grating, WPC decking, and temporary fence and cattle panels.

New Bridge Services is a Australia based company, which is the leading manufacturer & supplier of temporary fences & other products. Through their team, they manufactured high quality products. Getting these high quality products, you can also avail true cost. Beside from supplying these products in Australia, they also supply their products in other countries including Hong Kong, Taiwan & China. They are competent on their products such as temporary fencing since it is approved to AS4687-2007 Australian standards. To see the services & products of New Bridge, you can visit This is the official site & you can be able to see all the products which they manufactured & supplied to their clients. Feel free to browse their online site so that you can contact them in the event you are going to buy a quantity of their products.

Temporary Fences: They are used in properties where construction is ongoing. This ensures that passersby are aware of what is going on and they can watch out for any kind of hazard. They are also put up in a plot of land as way of warding off trespassers or thieves. Temporary fences are simpler to put up and uninstall, one time the job is completed or when the property is already occupied by a house or a commercial building. Sometimes the temporary fence blocks off the property from the eyes of curious spectators.

Such fencing is installed in areas where there's no permanent need of fencing, but an immediate one. The purposes for using the same include public safety, crowd control, theft deterrent, or equipment storage. Sites under construction are major users of temporary fencing.

Steel Grating: It is used all over the place every industry because of its major advantage of providing safety and security to the staff and machines. There's other gratings like fiber glass grating and aluminum grating also available and are done by lots of companies. It fundamentally supports giant spaces and giant structures of polished floors and elevators or walkways. Lots of companies also use steel grating for hygienic purposes. For Example the Freezing industries use for the hygienic flooring for the live stock sheds. The in line advantage of Steel Grating is that they are mostly open structures which are every simple to wash and kept tidy and also favors speedy drying.



  • Industrial makes use of are umpteen
  • Safe and Secure
  • Strong Hold for Giant Structures
  • No Maintenance

Cattle Panels: In addition, the sharp edges found on chain link cattle panels often become entangled in the work of loading and unloading, making the whole set up and break down process much more time consuming and pricey. The construction industry benefits greatly from the installation of temporary fences at construction sites. A temporary fence constructed of wire mesh also has several other matchless features that make them a better solution and overall better value than traditional chain link temporary fences.


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New Bridge Services LTD (Hong Kong)

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