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How to Transfer Favorite Photos on to a Fleece Blanket?

by pensmith

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Fleece photo blanket is a great way to enjoy moments with your favorite photos. They can be made by printing directly onto an iron-on transfer paper with an ink-jet printer. In that case you need to print the photos directly onto the fabric that can be made into a blanket. The user can also create a custom cross-stitch pattern to hand embroidered onto a blanket, or having a custom collage woven photo blanket woven from manufacturer’s website.

In general fleece blanket is a warm and comfortable product made from the natural polartec fleece. They are useful during the cooler months of the year as well as summer days. Personalizing a blanket with the favorite portrait or landscape picture is very easy. You can either do it by an expert designer at your home or you can order for a personalized fleece photo blanket from a reputed online shop. The pictures designed on to the blanket will be such a gift that the recipient can snuggle up with during the whole year, in the chilly cold winter nights and even in the hot afternoons in summer.

Here are instructions on how to transfer your favorite photos on to a blanket:

At first you have to choose your photo that you want to display on the blanket. Choosing the photograph is an important and necessary thing. You should choose a high-contrast, high-resolution photo that clearly shows the subject. At least you shouldn’t choose any picture that is not clear and has a very low resolution.

In order to make the whole process of transferring photos simple and easier, you should always need to order online. This is also the simplest method for a unique, professional, and durable product that doesn’t require you to have skills. There are so many options that you can go for. There are collage woven photo blanket, photo fleece blanket, photo throw, woven blanket, and the list is too long.

When you are trying to transfer the photos on to the blanket at your home, use iron-on transfer paper. At the same time you need to remember that this material is not for using laser printers as they will generate heat to form the image. In order to get the photo displayed properly and neatly, you need to use ink-jet printers that can directly help you to print your image on the transfer paper. You can apply the transfer paper on the blanket. Ink-jet printers are available at most of the craft stores.

You can also print the image directly on the fabric by using the ink-jet printer. After that you can sew the fabric squares onto the blankets or use multiple squares in order to create a photo collage or mosaic quilt. No doubt, this would be easier and attractive.

Apart from that you can also use your own cross-stitch pattern by using a photo. You can also use different software to generate cross-stitch patterns that you can use to embroider on any fabric.

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