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Keeping children safe during school fundraising

by Charleston

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Most fundraising ideas for schools involve children in one way or another. For example, if a school intends to raise funds by selling foodstuffs or trinkets, it is likely going to be the children who'll be asked to sell them to the public. It is also common for children to bring items from home to sell to one another or to the parents who have gathered for the fundraiser.


Schools often invite parents to school fundraisersactivities through their children. Many of the school fundraising ideas that schools use come from the children themselves. Given the opportunity, children can come up with very interesting fundraising ideas for schools. Children are supposed to have fun when raising funds for their schools but there are potential hazards that can crop up and ruin the fundraiser and even endanger the children. Teachers and parents are thus encouraged to put their children's safety first during school fundraisers.


Talking of safety, there are several safety rules that must be observed during fundraising. First of all, only fundraising suggestions for schools that are appropriate for the children's age should be used. For instance, it is alright for children to sell items at public places like church or during sporting events. They should be allowed to sell simple items like lollipops or cookies which are not cumbersome or potentially harmful in any way. It would be very inappropriate however to ask small kids like those in the third and fourth grade to wash people's cars as a way of raising money because inasmuch as a fourth grader can wash a vehicle, he or she will only do a little work before tiring out.


Children should never be exposed to harm in the course of fundraising. Many schools raise funds by selling items, often door to door, which is not a bad idea as such but it's not very appropriate for children. If children are to sell things from door to door they need to be accompanied by responsible adults who will ensure their safety. There are too many bad people out there and there is no telling what would happen to a child who knocks on the door of an ill-intentioned person. In addition to this, children should not carry the large sums of money that they have collected. All moneys raised should only be handled by responsible adults who can account for it. Children carrying money will certainly make for very enticing targets for muggers.


Some suggestions for schools fundraisers involve selling items online. Soliciting for sales online is a novel school fundraising idea that children can participate in but they must only do so under supervision. Just as you shouldn't let children roam the streets raising funds, you shouldn't let them roam the web unsupervised because there are serious hazards out on the web too.


Parents have a role to play in making sure that their kids don't expose themselves to danger. In some fundraising ideas for schools children are asked to bring food from home which is then sold at the event. Parents should help their kids prepare these items particularly if they are too young to do it themselves. Very young children may get into mishaps trying to make things like cookies.





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