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Women Clinic in Singapore Offers Excellent Gynecological Tre

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Women clinic in Singapore provides excellent gynecological treatments and all related health problems. There are very good doctors and nurses who take absolute care of the woman especially when you are pregnant. This is a significant period in the life of every woman; finding a good hospital is crucial for you. Singapore clinics offer various gynecological services such as birth control, delivery, fertility treatments, sterilization, abortion, laparoscopic surgery and many more.

Antenatal Check Ups

When you know you are pregnant, it is vital to go for regular pregnancy check-ups to carry out the various screening and lab tests. This is important so that your baby and you will continue to be healthy during this crucial period of your life. The prenatal visits will also cover counseling and education about the various aspects of pregnancy. It’s also a time when you can meet your obstetrician and clear doubts. A pelvic examination will help in assessing the gestational age. Your obstetrician can find this out by checking the shape and size of your uterus. A cervical examination is done to check if there is any discharge or irregularity. A pap smear will determine the presence of abnormal cells or any other infection. Urine and blood tests are also conducted and if required a genetic test depending on your family history. It’s the first antenatal visit that is important; after this, regular visits have to be continued; weekly visits are required starting from 36 weeks onwards

Treatment for Infertility

Women clinic in Singapore provides fertility treatments for women who are not able to conceive. The method of treatment depends on the period you have remained infertile. Some personal preferences and the couples’ ages are considered. ‘IUI or intrauterine insemination is one of the treatments provided in the clinic. If your partner’s sperm count is less or you are unable to accept sperms due to a sperm allergy, IUI can be opted for. The treatment is conducted by taking a prescribed fertility drug close to your menstrual period. The drug will help in stimulating your ovaries so that many mature eggs are produced for fertilization. The success rate depends on several factors besides age and the severity of the problem

Labioplasty and Vaginoplasty

Labioplasty is otherwise referred to as vaginal rejuvenation which is actually a form of plastic surgery. Vaginoplasty also comes under the same umbrella; in this procedure, the vagina that turns out to be loose after childbirth, is tightened. Labioplasty, on the other hand, reshapes and decreases the vagina ‘lips’. This can be done alone or along with vaginoplasty. The correction can be done on the larger vaginal lips which are the outer lips; it can also be done on the small inner lips of your vagina. Surgically tightening or reshaping of vaginal tissues will not guarantee heightened sexual desire because this depends on several personal responses

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