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Examining the Role of Forensic Toxicology in Medical Justice

by leorayang

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The scientific approach has actually seen many one-time theories become incontestable truths. This has benefited humanity in the modern age. Medical science, for instance, has been able to aid to jurisprudence for the facts behind lots of criminal cases. Such is the function of Forensic Toxicology, the research of human fluids and tissues to track the presence of substances, damaging or not, that may shed light on an individual's guilt or innocence. But just what makes the declarations of a forensic toxicology specialist deserving of a court's full trust and confidence?

Education and Learning

A toxicologist's academic framework is based on classes such as chemistry, medical chemistry, and pharmacology. Chemical courses are the framework upon which all investigations in forensic toxicology come from. Many likewise have a masters or a doctorate degree in the Natural Sciences.


After acquiring his medical degree, the aspiring toxicologist needs to be certified by the American Board of Forensic Toxicology or ABFT. This board certifies based on the specialist's level. For example, Diplomate certification needs a doctorate in Natural Science, and Specialist accreditation requires just a bachelor's degree. Written exams are administered to identify the expertise of each prospect.


Researchers have just been able to efficiently analyze liquid and tissue samples of varying volume with the aid of advanced devices and devices that have been recently developed. A few of these equipments consist of electrophoresis apparatus, used to identify and classify proteins; and the Ultracentrifuge, employed to disconnect particles based on molecular mass.


These education and accreditation requirements make sure that forensic toxicologists will meet the greatest requirements in precision and principles. When working to help resolve a crime, a single fatal mistake may ruin everything, and the toxicologist may end up sending an innocent person to prison. For this reason it is only rational that just those proficient and precise enough can be asked to execute such a delicate task.

Nowadays, an expert forensic toxicologist can give light to criminal offenses that appeared too complicated to solve in the past. With medical science, investigators could search the depths of the victim’s body systems hunting the truth. You can read even more information on forensic toxicology from

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