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Casino night offers family fun at casino game rentals, kid-friendly drinks

How do you plan any casino night and truly make it family-friendly casino events? One way to make sure is to incorporate casino game rentals the whole family will enjoy.

The other is to have entertainment that is kid-friendly. Children like balloon art, magicians, bright colors and a drink service that offers childhood favorites. From decorations to the food menu, a casino night can be a family affair if casino events’ organizers choose to have games for everyone.

Child-proof any casino Night

If planning casino events for children, it is best to think of younger family members first. This helps organizers ensure they have casino game rentals for all.

While the youngest children may not understand Texas Hold’em or Pai Gow, they may still enjoy a game of Snake Eyes. other game suggestions might include Blackjack or a casino version of the card game, War. They may also have fun interacting with a hired clown who can distribute balloon art. Older children may enjoy playing a number of slot machines at any casino party.

Kid-friendly service, adult Options

Just because a casino night party is geared towards family doesn’t mean organizers can not have a cash bar in a section of the casino events venue just for adults. However, there should also be a drink service table where kid-friendly favorites are offered.

What are some memorable favorites? Servers can offer a cookies and cream milkshake for children and a grown-up version which includes a little liquor for adults. Other fun drink ideas for children include strawberry daiquiris, peach milkshakes and pina coladas. There is also the old standby, chocolate milk, to offer younger children at any casino event. Adult versions of any fruit milkshakes may be made by adding a little alcohol to the daiquiris or pina coladas. This ensures that there is something for everyone who passes by a casino night drink bar.

Fun the entire Evening

This way guests won’t just look forward to playing any of the casino game rentals, they can also enjoy drinks after playing casino game rentals on any casino night. This will also make any casino night with high-quality, professional casino game rentals a true family night.

In addition to making money at the door, organizers of casino events can also made additional money at the cash bar for adults and still offer free kid-friendly favorites that are family-friendly.

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