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Exploring the unmatched characteristics of the flapper dress

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It took quite a long time for women in the 1920s to acquire some of the liberties that most modern women take for granted. As expected, the aftermath of WW1 shook the foundations of not only the economical but also the social norms of the western world. This era gave rise to women who began to boldly assert their rights and flaunt their previously concealed sexuality. It also gave rise to an exhilarating perspective towards fashion that is still felt today.


The emergence of the flapper dress at one go shattered all the divides between the affluent, middle class, and the less privileged. For a remarkably long time fashionable women clothing had consisted of conservative designs like the ubiquitous corsets that were invariably reserved for the wealthy. However scandalous they might have deemed, flapper dresses incorporated a bold, simplistic, yet extremely stylish design that really appealed to most fashion-conscious ladies. This apparel also happened to be affordable and hence the wild craze it elicited among the fairer sex.


Unlike previous female wear of that time, this dress that essentially comprised of a straight and loose-fitting design, more than anything else symbolized the true spirit of the liberated women. The flapper dress also blended a delightful new touch of strapless tops thus permitting the women to flash their bared arms while its deep necklines accentuated their supple bosoms. The shift dress is widely acclaimed as the progenitor of the radical flapper dresses and consisted of a previously unheard of low waist line coupled with an elusive hemline that at times fell clear off the kneecaps.


Consequently, unlike most female clad of that era, this unique dress allowed, and still allows, ample leg room for ladies who were/are passionate about dancing. The flapper dresses is now known for its unmatched versatility that stems from its plain yet refined design, which can easily accommodate a plump woman just as well as a petite one. Flapper dresses are thusextremely suitable for more than just fancy costume balls and many shrewd dance choreographers have discovered their unmatched worth on diverse dance productions.


Whilst their appearance might seem ordinary, there are certainly many ways to embellish these apparels and many dance teachers often heighten their comeliness with commonplace embellishments such as beads, sequins, and even fringe. If you are thus in search of the perfect dance costume that can traverse multiple genres, it might be well worth giving flapper dresses a try.


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