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Product Review of the Panasonic VIERA TC-L32C5

by adamsringer

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The Panasonic VIERA TC-L32C5 was one of the high definition televisions introduced in the new Panasonic VIERA product line up. This HDTV is in the C5 generation product series. It has a 32'' inch screen with wide view angles capability. The technology used to make this television is LCD. The Panasonic has an aspect ratio of 16:9 ensuring good quality images. It is able to play high resolution videos and externally stored media such as photos seamlessly via its USB port. The HDTV also packs two HDMI ports for the streaming of high resolution video content from set top boxes, cam coders, cameras, tablet computers and high end smart phones. The Panasonic VIERA TC-L32C5 comes with a game mode and an Eco mode. The Eco mode is a mode where the brightness of the HDTV is automatically adjusted in accordance to the HDTV operating status. The Eco mode is all about saving energy and in this respect it can turn the HDTV off when certain preset conditions have been is a website witch gives all information about Panasonic VIERA TC-L32C5.

The Game mode on the other hand allows you to get most out of the HDTV. The VIERA automatically adjusts the settings to allow you to get a quality image even as the scenes change. The Panasonic VIERA TC-L32C5 detects the brightness of the room that it is in and the adjusts its brightness correspondingly. This system is known as the Contrast Automatic Tracking System or simply CATS and contributes significantly to lower power consumption in the HDTV. Although the Panasonic VIERA TC-L32C5 has a screen resolution of 720p it is capable of playing high resolution videos of about 1080p. It packs the following native resolution: 1366px native resolution or the width and 768px in height bringing the total number of pixels to approximately 1,049,088. The HDTV dimensions are 30.7 inches width, a depth of 9.9 inches, and height of 21.5 inches. The screen thus has a viewing angle of approximately 180 degrees. The standard color of the Panasonic VIERA TC-L32C5 is black and it weighs about 22 pounds. The Operating temperature is between32 degrees Fahrenheit and 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

In addition to the USB 2.0 and 2 HDMI ports discussed above, the Panasonic has composite video input RCA port, PC input also of the RCA type. It packs an analog audio input for the HDMI which comes in the form of a mini jack. This is in addition to the RCA audio input that is bundled with the composite video. Other port are the component video input and its accompanying audio component and finally a digital audio output. Digital media format support is included fo the JPEG and MP3 standards for picture and audio respectively. On of the pros of the Panasonic VIERA TC-L32C5 are its intelligent scene controller which renders images in a smooth manner and the CATS system which automatically adjusts its brightness in accordance to the room brightness. Cons include the support of just one digital format for pictures and also the limited support of audio format which is simply discouraging as you have to convert all your audio files to the MP3 format before they are able to play on the is a website witch gives all information about Panasonic VIERA TC-L32C5.

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