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Family Squabble Ends in Battery Charge

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A Chicago area woman is facing a charge of felony aggravated battery for allegedly pushing a senior citizen down during an argument. Because family battles can often become heated and accusations made that alleged victims later regret, it is important to obtain the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney if you are facing any kind of allegation involving battery. Your Chicago battery attorney can evaluate your case and provide you with the legal advice that you will need to understand your options and to make sound decisions regarding the charges against you.

According to reports, the accused, a 24-year-old, pushed an 89-year-old woman down during an argument regarding the elderly woman’s refusal to shovel snow. The young woman’s mother is the girlfriend of the elderly woman’s son. The young woman, her sister, and her mother had all been living with the son and his elderly mother.

Police say that the young woman had punched the man, who is 60 years old, in the face twice over the fact that he would not shovel the snow. The man asked his mom to phone the authorities, but the woman supposedly grabbed the phone and would not return it. It was at that point that the woman allegedly pushed the man’s mother down causing her to sustain bruises and bumps on her arm. According to the young woman, she never punched the man and was only pushing the elderly woman away in self-defense because the woman was threatening her. As the young woman was being escorted to the police cruiser, she tried to remove a glass tube from her pocket which resulted in a drug paraphernalia charge in addition to the battery charge.

Family dynamics, prior arguments, and inflamed tempers can play a large role in such cases and may result in a lot of “he said-she said” types of accusations. That is why having a knowledgeable and reputable Chicago battery attorney at your side can prove to be an invaluable resource if you are facing any sort of charges regarding battery. Often, the only witnesses to the event are the parties involved in the event, and it can take a skilled attorney who is experienced in handling such cases to protect your rights and to provide you with the representation you will need.

If you have been arrested in Chicago on battery charges, contact a defense attorney who has had extensive success in handling cases just like yours. Depending upon the circumstances surrounding your case, a battery charge can have serious consequences that you will not want to risk. Contact a Chicago battery attorney today to ensure that you have the best chance at a favorable outcome to your case.

No matter how straightforward or complex the charges against you, Chicago battery attorney Andrew M. Weisberg is a criminal defense attorney in Chicago known for tough, aggressive defense. A former felony prosecutor, Attorney Weisberg has extensive experience in handling all types of criminal cases, from sex offenses and violent crimes to theft-related crimes and traffic violations. To contact Mr. Weisberg, visit or call his cell phone 24/7 at (773) 908-9811 or Text LAWYER to 25827 for prompt call back. The consultation is free.

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