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Sore Penis after Sex – Tips for Easing the Sting

by man1health

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Research suggests that an average sex session lasts between 3 and 13 minutes. That might not seem like very long, but an amazing amount of activity can take place in this space of time, and the bumping, friction and bending can leave the penis feeling bruised and sore. While time is the best medicine when it comes to healing an overused penis, there are some effective penis care steps men can take to soothe the pain before the next encounter.

Choose the Proper Underwear

Friction-based injuries can be quite painful, and when the penis is sore, it needs space to breathe. Synthetic underwear may not provide sufficient breathability, and manmade fibers may stick to sore skin. Cotton underwear, on the other hand, does breathe, and it doesn't tend to adhere to wounds. Supportive cotton underwear may not be the sexiest choice available, but when it comes to easing a sore penis, it might be just the right option.

Avoid Perfumes and Synthetic Cleansers

Sore skin can be highly sensitive, and exposing the penis to harsh cleansers or perfumed lotions when the skin is already distressed can lead to further irritation. Using a very mild soap that contains no perfumes is a good bet, and deodorants and fragrances should be kept at a distance until the penis skin has had a chance to heal.

Take a Break

No matter how sore the equipment might be, the temptation to get right back in the action can be hard to resist. However, although the immediate pleasure may reduce the experience of pain in the moment, repeated rubbing on sore skin can create a setback, causing healing to take even longer. Even condoms may not provide enough protection when skin is raw and sore, so it's best to wait until the skin has had a chance to recover before jumping back in the saddle.

Refine the Technique

Taking the time to come up with a new approach and adding some new techniques to the bedroom repertoire can be a good way to avoid soreness in the future. With a few tweaks, the sex could be even better and a lot less painful. Some ideas to consider include:

  • Using lubricants – dry sex can lead to intense friction and increased pain.
  • Increasing foreplay time. Giving a partner a little extra attention can go a long way toward stimulating her natural lubricants, which can lead to more comfortable sex for both partners.
  • Going slow and steady. Moving at a very fast pace with abrupt movements can lead to intense pain. In fact, men who make quick movements while using intense force could actually rupture the penis. Slow, deliberate movements are safer, and they're less likely to result in pain.
  • Checking condom size. A tight condom can actually increase friction, rather than reducing the burn.
  • Trying a new pose. The brain often ignores signals of pain during sex, but there may be moments when men find that they're bent in strange positions or thrusting at an awkward angle. When this happens, a time-out is in order, as those moments of bliss could lead to pain down the line. Men who have felt pain in a specific position might need to avoid that pose in the future.

Lean on Vitamins

Natural vitamins and emollients can do wonders to help skin heal, and there's no prescription needed for this kind of assistance. A high-quality penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) contains vitamins that are essential for penis health, and these products are designed to be absorbed right into the skin to keep it vibrant and healthy. Products should never be applied to open sores, of course, but a penis health crème could be just the thing for skin that's just a little chafed and sore, and in time, the added nutrition could keep future damage from taking place. 

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