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DOT Training Educates About the Defensive Ways

by hugholdham

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Consciously or subconsciously alcohol addicts and substance abusers acquire various tactics to evade reasonable suspicion testing, these defenses are all part of self-protective measures. 

The Supervisor Compliance Training Department Online course educates supervisors about the behaviors of suspicious drivers and employees that they must observe, and also the strategies devised by them to deceive you. Remember, if an employee or driver has been asked to undergo reasonable suspicion testing, his or her supervisor should have observed the following behavioral assessment:

  • Odor of alcohol in employee's breath
  • Inconsistent and dubious behavior
  • Unsteady gesture and gait

Moreover, the request for testing should have already been confirmed by other supervisors or employees usually along with a written recommendation to the Human Resources Department with detailed description of the observed behavior.

The Supervisor Compliance Training Department Online course also informs supervisors about the common yet most troublesome ways that employees or drivers use to escape reasonable suspicion testing, such as praying for sympathy. They may even try to involve you with their personal issues, or attempt to provoke guilt by pleading that how difficult their situation is and why the tests will only make their situation worse. Other tactics for avoidance may be blaming others for their behavior or trying to relate the circumstances to some other event. A supervisor must avoid getting into conversations regarding personal matters. The supervisor training program at DOT Supervisor Compliance Training Department also teaches them how to keep the topic concentrated on work performance and work-area conduct.

If the driver gets angry or breaks into tears, don’t worry, this is just another form of resistance, to elude reasonable suspicion testing. The best way to confront anger is through a calm demeanor. Do not react defensively due to their physical intimidation. Do not let the situation lose focus from your work. When an employee starts crying, it is difficult to not get yourself emotional, but you must take care not to fall into their trap. Regardless of whatever they would claim, just remember that this request has been made to protect and improve the workplace. 

Today it is necessary for each employer to make sure that all diver supervisors in their company to undertake the Drug & Alcohol Awareness Training because the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has made it mandatory. With this regulation the DOT intends to prevent accidents and injuries resulting from the alcohol addiction and substance abused by drivers of commercial vehicles and to promote a drug free work environment. 

Even though being dedicated to help reduce accidents and making the society as well as your workplaces addiction free,Supervisor Compliance Training Department Complaints and Mandatory Dot Supervisor Compliance Training Scam reports have been flourishing online. Just think yourself that how such an advantageous training program at DOT Supervisor Compliance Training Department, which has already been trusted by over 60,000 employers and receives various registrations daily, can be a scam.

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