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Westfield Dentist: Tips for Patients to Use Everyday

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Dental patients have a large amount of control over how their teeth will age over time.  In order to keep that healthy, beautiful, and youthful looking smile, patients must maintain effective daily oral hygiene routines while seeking regular dental treatments.  Dr. Streko and team at our Westfield, NJ dental office will happily provide both preventative and restorative dental care.  Our team is also here to educate patients on to how best care for teeth between professional dental appointments.  

A great start to maintaining a clean mouth is to brush twice a day.  However we must understand that during the day bacterial plaque builds up on teeth, gums, and oral tissues.  A heavy build up of this plaque will erode healthy dental enamel and infect oral tissues.  This causes a wide array of health problems from cavities to gum disease.  It’s pertinent that we minimize the amount of plaque present in the mouth as much as possible in order to keep the mouth healthy.

So, how do we minimize plaque?  

Brush regularly - it is SO important to brush regularly - once in the morning, and once right before bed.  It’s very important to brush for at least two minutes without stopping.  Make sure to use a toothpaste containing fluoride, and also use a toothbrush that is no older than three months.  It’s important to note that aging bristles are not as effective in cleaning the teeth.  A midday brushing is also very helpful in removing additional plaque.  

Floss! - Flossing is very often overlooked by dental patients of all ages.  Flossing effectively clears away plaque from areas that would not be reached by brushing alone.  Plaque is removed from between the teeth, from the back of the teeth, and from the gum line when proper flossing techniques are used.  It’s very important to floss at least once a day.

Be gentle with your smile - Improper cleaning instruments can damage the teeth and gums.  Toothpicks and pointy metal tools are not a good option for removing food stuck between the teeth.  Flossing or the use of an antibacterial rinse is the correct solutions for removing any debris stuck between the teeth.

The key to keeping a healthy, fresh and beautiful smile is consistent at-home dental care.  For any questions regarding the proper care for your teeth, give our Westfield dental office a call today!

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