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Why Custom Tank Heads are Better than Ready-Made Ones

by helandermetal

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When it comes to finding perfect tank heads,customization is almost always the perfect solution. A tank’s head does more than just cover the tank. It also ensures the safety of material contained inside the tank, as well as people and processes working in close vicinity of the tank or vessel. Thus, much of a tank’s performance and safety relies on the quality of the head it has been fitted with.

The tank could contain anything right from process water to a beverage to fuel to liquid chemicals. A head that offers a perfect fit is often the surest defense against spillage or material loss. If you are in the market looking for a well-designed head for your tank(s), choosing a ready-made head might not make great business sense. These heads aren’t made specifically according to the dimension of your tank. So they might not fit perfectly. Carrying out alterations to the head just so it fits your tank is the surest way to compromise its safety.

The next best option, of course, is customization. Custom tank heads are just that—they are made exclusively in keeping with the dimensions of your tank. Here are the benefits of customizing heads for tanks:

  • Work on these parts begins only after your tank’s measurements have been provided to the metal forming and fabricating firm. They are designed to offer a perfect fit, thereby reducing risks such as leakage and spillage.
  • As is the case with most other customized products, customized heads for tanks are often better on the quality quotient. You get to have a say in the quality of materials being used. Most heads that are mass-produced are made of low-quality steel that might not last as long
    as your tank does.

Thus, choosing inferior catalog products will only translate into higher costs in the long run. That’s precisely why a number of businesses are now choosing to opt for customization when they order tank heads.These components are available in a myriad of shapes and sizes. They can be made using materials such as high-quality stainless steel or aluminum. Metal spinning is the most commonly used metal forming technique when it comes to manufacturing heads for various types of tanks and vessels. Metal Spinning produces structurally strong and seamless components that do not deform under pressure. This metal forming process is employed for creating heads that are round, elliptical, conical, or marginally curved.

Once ready, these components can either be shipped or transported to your site or facility. They can be installed to the tank or vessel by means of welding or secured via riveting. So, the next time you need well fitting heads for your tank or vessel, custom tank heads are the most reliable components.

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