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The Uses and Advantages of Stock Charts

by keithbrown

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One thing that stock market traders inevitably encounter is LIBOR rate. While many people remain unaware of this phenomenon, those who are involved in the stock market need to fully grasp and comprehend what this means, as well as its many implications and applications in the industry. To be exact, LIBOR is a term that is an acronym for London InterBank Offered Rate. It is a special interest rate banks charge for a short-period loan or loans. The rate actually began in London banks; it was only later on that the rate was published and made to act as a standard or benchmark for the different bank rates from all across the globe.

The British Bankers Association (BBA) is in charge of compiling and publishing LIBOR rates on a regular basis. It is presented along with other bank rates so that they can be compared with each other at a single glance. Besides the benefit of comparison, this rate opens the doors for easy interbank loans between banks with liquidity requirements and those with surpluses. This eliminates the possibility of holding excessive amounts of asset based as liquid assets, leading to a more favorable loaning relationship between the two banks.

Since knowledge of the regular LIBOR rate is imperative, one must be willing to search for online resources that possess and feature the aforementioned rate, stock charts and other information related to the market in general. In relation to this, there are actually websites that promote a specific type of personalization feature. This feature involves the creation and use of personalized pages that can help one track stock trends through their own custom-made charts. Through these charts, traders can pay close attention to their market activity and competency, let alone their performance in relation to LIBOR rates.

Barchart is a site that provides real-time data for the stock market industry. It presents different charts that are quite helpful in guiding traders throughout their market endeavors. Furthermore, the site is also one of the few that offers a creative personalization option, which is quite useful when establishing comprehensive charts for better tracking and monitoring of stock trends. In addition, these charts also provide proper assessment to one’s quality of performance in the industry. Discover more information about this feature and learn more about the website by viewing Membership is free. Members have access to the features mentioned above and much more.


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Keith Brown is a Wisconsin boy with a penchant for numbers. He is a stock market fanatic that enjoys learning as much as he can about the market. His number one resource is Barchart, which allows him to provide advice to beginners and pros. Other than this, he enjoys watching football and hanging out with his girlfriend in Madison.

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