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Same Day Dental Implants: How Does the Procedure Work?

by newteethchicago

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If you have teeth that are missing due to an accident or injury, or teeth that have had to be removed because of decay, you might be considering reconstruction dentistry so that you can have a full and confident smile again. One of the options available is a dental implant and these days, the surgery
involved is much less complicated than it was in the past owing to some incredible advances in technology. In fact, there are even a few dental professionals that offer new teeth in one day with same day dental implants!


Step One: Developing a Treatment Plan


When you begin your journey to oral rehabilitation, you will work with your dentist to arrive at a treatment plan to resolve your oral problems. You may only need one tooth replaced, or you may need several; either way, you will require a visual clinical examination, X-ray imaging and a detailed medical history. The treatment planning process involves a team of professionals who are trained in dental restoration and oral surgery. Nowadays, many oral healthcare establishments in Illinois are comprehensive in their approach to treating tooth loss, so you need only go to a single location for all your needs.

Step Two: Implant Surgery

The dental implants are very small titanium posts that are inserted into the bone socket where the missing tooth was. Don't worry; the professionals that offer same day dental implants do the procedure under sedation and you will not feel anything during the procedure. Even afterward, patients who have had implants placed often feel no more discomfort than they would for a straight-forward tooth extraction. The procedure can work for one tooth or multiple teeth, and implants have
considerable advantages over bridges and dentures, including feeling more comfortable and being more durable. Once healed, implants actually become a part of your body, enabling them to function like natural teeth too.

Step Three: The Crowns

Dental crowns are replacement teeth that are modeled after your own teeth, so they feel perfectly natural and function very well, too. An abutment is attached to the implant to hold the crown in place. Of course, dental implants may also include posts that support dentures (a set of false teeth that can't be removed). In both cases of single and multiple tooth replacement, the only portion of the implant that is visible is the crown, and this is matched precisely to the color of your other teeth. Afterward, it will look like you never lost a tooth or teeth to begin with!


Step Four: Post-operative Care

Most people who have had dental implants placed in Illinois do not report significant pain, often less so than having a tooth extracted. During the procedure, sedation is normally used and afterward you can take over-the-counter or prescription pain medication for a couple of days if it does become sore. Your dental implants and crowns will require that you take care of them just as if they were regular teeth. You should brush and floss regularly, and see your dentist for regularly scheduled check-ups. 


A Final Note on Dental Implants

If you have lost one or more of your original adult teeth, the consequences for your self-confidence can be crippling. Thankfully, there are dental healthcare professionals that can help you. You just need to take the first step. Dental implants in Illinois can last many decades if cared for properly and offer a far more sophisticated teeth replacement solution than dentures. With same day dental implants you can even have the procedures done right away.

Let’s face it: who wants to wait to have their full and gorgeous smile back?

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