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Solar Flash Lights and How They Work

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Solar flash lights are great innovations that we really can use at this age of global warming.  The sun harnesses such a big amount of energy can actually be tapped to produce power into a flashlight. This type of flashlight is much smaller than usual. It has the panels for getting energy from the sun and other the other end, a bulb that emits light even without the use electricity.

Hot It Works
Solar flash lights utilize the energy of the sun and then convert it into electrical energy via PV or photovoltaic cell. This panel is just on the outer side of the flashlight. These types of portable lights use LED / light emitting diode. LED is used because they need less electrical current to light up a bulb and they generally last longer. On average, it can lasts up to 100,000 hours, which is much practical to use compared to an incandescent light that can only last 1000 hours.

Batteries that are used in these special flashlights are solar charged batteries. It uses nickel and lithium. Cadmium batteries can work in flashlights and do not need any replacements even if regularly used in 2 years. A regular battery can last up to 15 hours while a solar charged battery can last up to 2500 hours and is rechargeable.

Using Solar Lights
Solar lights in Africa is very popular because of the poor status of people in this country. There are millions of homes here that electricity cannot reach. Today, they are using the power of the sun to light their homes. The government, some charities and non-profit organizations frequently send wholesale solar lights to Africa as their donation and their humanitarian share to alleviate world poverty.

Where to Buy
You can find a number of solar flashlights sold in hardware stores and are popularly used for camping and kept for emergency use. You can also buy them at a good price when you buy them online. There are many brands selling these types of lights in the market because more and more people are getting involved in protecting the earth. Even vehicles and residential homes have them and you should too. They are not only environmentally friendly; they can save you a lot of money too.For the flashlight to last long, you can keep it on the window sill when not in use. Make sure that the solar collectors are exposed to the sun so it can get as much light as it can.  Batteries can be expensive and they only last for a few hours and definitely not eco-friendly. Whereas a solar powered flashlight uses renewable energy and safe for Mother Earth.

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