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How to recover your data if NTFS Partition is not accessible

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Data recovery from your PC's inaccessible or corrupt NTFS partition is possible by following certain steps. You should know these steps to save your precious data from being deleted by logical or physical causes. It would be a blunder if you could retrieve your data by following some simple steps but did not because you were not aware of it. Your Windows computer generally shows some error message which can lead you to the cause of the problem and subsequently, to its resolution. You also have the option of NTFS partition recovery software if your attempts at getting back your deleted data fail.


You were hoping to access your file but instead of opening, the following message showed:-


The directory or file is corrupt or unreadable. Please run Chkdsk utility”


You might get another message accompanying this with the following on it:-

 “NTFS partition not accessible”

 This presents a vexing problem for you as you might have always taken it for granted that your data saved on the computer would not be lost. As things would stand if such a situation ever arose, you would need to find the reason behind it to understand how to go about fixing the problem.


Corruption of file system is the result of operating system errors, faulty system shut downs, malfunctioning of applications, virus infection and similar causes. In a computer acting as a part of a server network, with various CPUs connected with more than one computers, two different components of the system trying to modify the same file or directory can also cause this error.


In order to find out which hard disk partition is faced with the mentioned problem, start the Run command, type diskmgmt.msc and press Enter. If this utility shows a blank partition, it is a confirmation that problem lies with it. You need to run your Chkdsk utility as indicated by the operating system. You can expect this utility to resolve a few problems of your hard disk for data recovery but it is not foolproof by any means. If this utility fails, you can try the NTFS partition recovery software by credible sources.


Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery software is acclaimed for being a good tool for deleted partition recovery. It can be used to recover data from many versions of the operating systems as both NTFS and FAT file systems are supported by it. Recovery of more than 200 file types are supported by it along with the additional features of hard drive cloning and imaging.

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