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Are you effective or just busy?

by anonymous

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  Use online task management, in order to achieve your goals

In today's world of constantly growing opportunities and coupled with the steadily increasing stress resulting from one's expectations, it is important to not just simply perform tasks. On the contrary special attention should be paid to the effectiveness, with which one completes said tasks. It is no longer enough to do one's assignment well, when one's competition utilises state-of-the-art technological aids, in order to achieve the same goals in a shorter time and of a better quality. This applies to professional as well as private goals. But luckily nowadays everyone has the opportunity to use online services, whose help can catapult one's effectiveness to undreamt-of heights.

A provider of such online services is TasksOnSteroids. TasksOnSteroids aims to provide their users with their highly effective online task management support for all types of everyday tasks. In order to achieve this, they have made three products available to their users.

With CourseControl you can make a bucket list online. In this way long-term goals, which illustrate the meaning of our lives and where we want to be a bit more, are organised (and yes, support for finding such life goals is offered).

With Dreamlines and the dreamlining concept the medium-term goals, which motivate and propel us continually are made better planable and measurable.

With LifeQuadrants and the time management matrix one keeps an overview of short-term tasks, which occur everyday and whose handling lead to the achievement of our higher goals.

Together these three products constitute a Productivity-Suite, which makes all tasks easier to manage. Working effectively thus becomes child's play. And the combination of these three products produces a synergistic effect, which accounts for an additional jump in effectiveness.

Put TasksOnSteroids to the test at best! You will be amazed how much more one can achieve with the right methods.

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