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Facts Women Need to Know about What Causes them to Loose Hai

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Facts Women Need to Know about What Causes them to Loose Hair

Generally both men and women loose hair either due to hereditary factors, stress, unhealthy lifestyles and old age. For men the pattern of hair loss is almost the same and can be predictable early enough. Mostly balding occurs in the frontal scalp, on the crown of the head or at the back. Hair loss for women takes a slightly different form from that of men. The common type is known as diffusion in which hair loss is uniformly spread throughout the scalp. Sometimes women suffer a slight receding of the hair line.

So even though the reasons leading to loss of hair in both men and women are nearly similar, there are exceptional circumstances that apply to women alone. Most often women experience hair loss as a result of age, childbirth, hormonal imbalances, sickness and medication. Sometimes this is so unexpected and so sudden such that the victims are subjected to a lot of stress. Many people attach a lot of importance to how they look, and they rightly believe that part of their overall appearance is either enhanced or diminished depending on their hair styles.

It is for reasons of beauty, self-esteem and confidence that we get so concerned about causes of hair loss and what the remedies are. It is estimated that the normal rate of this loss goes up to 100 strands daily. When this happens over a long period then naturally sparse hair sets in. However, when the loss is enormous then the service of a physician is called for.

Ordinarily, women loose between 100-150 strands daily due to frequent combing and brushing. Under normal circumstance the lost strands should be replaced with reproductive follicles, but when there is excessive loss that far exceeds the level of replacement then clinical hair loss sets in. This can be exacerbated in women by stress factors leading to lack of sleep which in turn induces sleep apnea that stresses the follicles hence hair falling off prematurely.

Another major reason for hair loss in women is use of some kinds of medications such as oral contraceptives, NSAIDs, anti-depressants and so on. Due to hormonal changes caused by child birth, there can also be sudden hair loss 2-3 months later. And for women who like exercising a lot, too much of it can lead to loss of essential nutrients needed to keep hair healthy. Other factors include affliction by venereal diseases, allergies, and too much heat, sudden alteration in diets or too little food, and chemotherapy treatments.

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