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An Overview of delicious iberico ham for last 100 years

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Ham is produced in different regions of Spain as household practice for centuries. Apart this there are manufactures like Geminiano that are producing the different varieties of both the hams including the Bellota type on a larger scale for the consumers across the globe. They are into the manufacturing of ham for the last hundred years. All the ham coming from them is manufactured from the pigs of Iberian and Landrace originating from the region of the South East Salamanca province. They are supplying the Iberian ham to the region. The process of manufacturing is one of the key factors that put them apart the others in producing the finest quality ham. The climate and the manufacturing facilities to cure and dry the ham in the winter breeze allow them to produce the ham that is considered as “Unique in the world”.

The site Iberico is offering an opportunity for the taste lovers to get the finest quality Iberian and Serrano ham as per their choice. This is a place that offers the highest quality products made from Iberian and Serrano ham. There is a wide array of products available on the site for the users to choose from. This site has different packs and stuff as per the requirements of the users in different category. You can easily find the top quality Iberico ham and sliced ham on the site at a reasonable price. Aside the site has also contained information about the quality of the ham, features, tips on preparing, recipes and more. You can find the finest bellota ham on the site.

The site serves as a quick reference for those who are looking for some more information on ham and related topics. The site deals with the main course of the Spanish food for every budget and taste. The site is marketing the Iberian ham on online basis as well as offer merchandising opportunities. You can find all the information related to shipping, prices and packaging terms on the site. The site is selling the Spanish Ham that is made from the pigs from Iberico origin. All the products offered on the site are types of ham that can be broadly classified in two categories known as the Iberian and the Serrano Ham.

The Iberian ham is produced from the black Iberico pigs that have little black hair. The black hoof distinguishes the Iberian ham from the others. The Serrano ham is produced from the white pigs of Landrace breed. It is considered to be less expensive than the Iberico ham. The ham produced from the Iberian or the black pigs is also known as Peta Negra. The most popular process of the making of the ham is prevalent among the manufacturer as dry curing. The fatty legs of the pigs are put in the sea salt bags and allowed to let the moisture dry off in the cool winter breeze. There are different packs and cuts of the ham that are available in the market these days.

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Geminiano is famous in Spain for their top grade Spanish ham, such as Iberico pata negra "Bellota." The Iberico ham from Geminiano has been exclusively sold in Spain for four generations. The international launch is therefore a real opportunity to taste one of the delicacies produced in Spain.

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