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Law Enforcement Information

by Denis

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Law enforcement refers to a system in which members of different agencies are committed towards serving and protecting the citizen and punishing the persons who violate the norms and rules. The officials also help in maintaining the peace and order in the given area and are known as police officers or police. These officials work day and night to put the criminals behind the bars and making the streets safer. The Enforcement is dedicated to decreasing the crime rate and also ensures the safety of the people. These enforcement officials work with ICS (Incident command system) to command, control and coordinate in the case of emergency like fire and earthquake. For example, The police officers offer services with fire Ics or fire incident command system to prevent chaos caused by the people during the emergency case.  

The Enforcement officials seek to achieve two major goals: prevention and repression. Officers work hard to achieve their first goal but, somehow it is difficult. To prevent crimes from being occurred, police officers had to do lots of hard work. For example, police regularly patrol an area in trying to keep the crime away, thus giving the message to criminals that they are being watched and their criminal behavior cannot be tolerated. The second goal of police officers is to assign the punishment to the criminals as per their crime and also look for rehabilitation for the criminals if possible. Government of all the countries have made the punishment laws for criminal acts.

The concept of law and order enforcement is not new, from the ancient time these officials are appointed to maintain the law and order and punish the person who commit the crime. Earlier also the role of enforcement officer was to protect the people, punish the criminals, impose fine and hear the facts. Today as well many jobs are there at different levels for enforcement officers, local police throughout the nation protect the rights of the citizens within a specified area of authority. These officers are imparted the powers to apprehend and arrest the people whose who are found guilty or are suspected of committing the crimes. In many countries, enforcement officers work with other law professionals to impose law and order properly.

In many countries more than one enforcement agencies are there, some of the best known agencies are FBI in the U.S, CBI in the India and Scotland Yard in the United Kingdom. These agencies work within the country, the borders of the nation or any territories posses by the country. Although the law enforcement has broad spectrum but, all serves to protect and maintain the law and order. In the case of emergency, police officers along with fire Ics or other public servants cooperate and rescues as many lives as possible. One can pursue the career in enforcement as investigators, special agents, prison guards and police officers and can serve the people and nation. You are the one who makes people feel safe in any situation.


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