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Drug Rehab Programs

by JohnSmith

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One size does not fit all and one therapy cannot work for everyone. How do you know which drug rehab center will offer the most help for your loved one? Will it be appropriate? Will it work?
Selecting a drug rehab center out of a list may be more like playing "Russian roulette". You are making a huge decision and you may have only this one chance to get it right.

What must you look for in a quality drug rehab program and what programs will work? These are not easy questions to answer, but answer them, we must. First understand that not all drug rehabilitation centers are alike. Each drug rehab center offers different program options, staff credentials, structure, record of success and, of course cost.

Be prepared to ask probing questions.

Does the drug rehab center believe that things like alcoholism and drug addiction are diseases?
If so your loved one is more likely to be seen as a patient to be cured, instead of someone who needs to be chastened or controlled.

Does the drug rehab facility offer several treatment options to help families and patients with problems related to distance and affordability?
Many drug rehabilitation treatment centers offer inpatient or outpatient and residential long or short stay options. Does inpatient mean hospitalization and those attendant costs? Residential seems to imply, 24 hour help, monitoring and lifestyle structure; is that accurate? Make sure you know what each term means. Get a full explanation.

Will my loved one be properly diagnosed, treated and supervised?
No drug rehab treatment should be started without a professional diagnosis of ALL the possible things that may be impacting on your loved one and whether their drug use was related to some underlying medical illness or mental condition.

Will my loved one be in some sort of jail-like institution?
Comfort and safety are important to any reasonable drug rehab facility, but modern drug rehabilitation centers are clean, comfortable, nurturing and friendly places where the patients are exposed to positive and uplifting stimuli.

How can the family be involved?
Not only is family involvement important in drug rehabilitation, it is often crucial. Any top-ranking drug rehab center will actually educate the family and help them to become partners in therapy.

A lot of work goes into drug rehab programs that really get down to the core of a patient's addiction problem. No one became addicted overnight so those issues can't be solved overnight either. Diagnosis and detoxification are the most obvious first steps. After that the modalities that will do the most good will be employed in the patient's recovery. Improving their life and coping skills will allow them to return to a family environment where they can avoid the problems they had before.

It's important that the addicted individual be able to focus on solving their problems without having to deal with work, school, home life or any negative environmental influences. Drug rehab programs that offer only outpatient therapy or short-term inpatient treatment (less than a month) have been shown to have a lower success rate than residential care.

Where can we find such a drug rehab treatment center and how much will it cost?
The only place that answers all of the above questions properly is in lovely, sunny Miami, Florida. The nationally renowned Transitions Recovery Drug Rehab Center's campus has been the re-launching platform for many hundreds of lives that were once controlled and defined by drugs and are now given a fresh, new start.
They have trained personnel there, who can fully explain what to expect and also give you a clearer picture of your costs.

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