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How to Choose the Good Quality Headphones and Earphones at O

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Have you noticed that sometimes when you speak to someone, they don’t seem to hear you? You could speak as loudly as you want but they still will not react and this could leave you quite baffled. On looking closer you will see, that the reason to this temporary deafness is that the person is using earphones and hence they are unable to hear you. Some years ago earphones were used by those people who worked in industries like the aviation industry where the pilots or other ground staff had to be in constant touch with each other or even the telecommunications industries where using them was the only way to listen to the audio signals transmitted. Now, earphones are used by many people—to listen to music on their mobiles or mp3s or iPods. There are many brands of earphones available and it is good to buy good quality headphones for better sound.

The Brands and Varieties of Earphones Available

There is so much to choose from when it comes to the varieties available. In-ear  headphones, sport, used when playing any sport, waterproof ones that are used in the water while swimming, earbud  ones, noise cancelling earphones, metallic aviation headsets and even over-head headphones. All these varieties are manufactured by different companies and it is possible to buy headphones even online. Bose, Sony, Jvs, Apple, Sennheiser, Monster, Klipsch , Bang & Olufsen and Pioneer are some of the famous brands in earphones in the market. There are also other companies who manufacture earphones that will have the same appearance and quality as the branded ones, but at a cheaper price. You could even get them to customise your earphones for you.

The Side Effects of Excessive Use of Headphones

While the use of headphones does have its benefits like one can listen to music even in a public place without disturbing the people around. By listening to calm and gentle music you could calm down your nerves especially if you are working in a very noisy factory. It also has many side effects for example temporary or permanent loss of hearing. If one uses earphones while doing exercise it could prove to be dangerous as blood from the ears could be diverted to the limbs and this will cause the inner ear from getting damaged from loud sound. The use of head phones while walking on the street or while driving a car is also very dangerous as one will not be aware of ones surroundings. The best earphones too could have adverse side effects.

New Entrants into Earphone Manufacturing

There are many earphones available for the different mobile phones available and some of them, like the earphones for iPhones can be on-ear, Bluetooth, in-ear, wireless etc. which are made by all the top companies. Some smaller companies also produce headphones that are of high quality but are very reasonably priced. They come out with new designs at regular intervals and are slowly capturing markets in Europe, USA and South East Asia.


There are many brands in the market to buy the good quality headphones for better sound. All these headphone and earphone’s manufactured by different companies.

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