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Exploring the benefits of a diesel powered Grand Cherokee

by anonymous

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The grand Cherokee, just like any other jeep, is a predominantly off road jeep and this comes with the added disadvantage of fuel guzzling. Outdoor adventures enthusiasts have had to contend with the ever increasing fuel prices but this has also adversely affected the sales of off-road cars, the Grand Cherokee included.

Jeep manufactures have therefore thought of innovative ways of bringing the outdoor car lovers back into the fold through the introduction of a diesel powered grand Cherokee. These modifications will also be accompanied by major changes to the grand Cherokee’s sister jeeps such as the Patriot and the compass. These changes are poised to be one of the major expansions in the jeep market and the whole concept of fuel economy in the United States of America.

It is estimated that the new model of the jeep will come with a huge horsepower of 240. This will make it possible for the jeep to tow weights of up to 7,500 pounds, a significant improvement over the old model.

Debates have been rife over the pricing of the new model, with many jeep users proposing that it shouldn’t be so pricy as to discourage purchases. However, one thing is for sure, the diesel powered jeep will definitely cost more than the one powered by gasoline. On the other hand, this new model will be targeted at the drivers with heightened towing needs as well as those who revel in the pleasure of off road rides.  This to some extent will be able to justify the price drivers will pay for it. Street SUV drivers can still go for those with the gasoline engine.

It is expected that the new Cherokee will not lose many of its original features.   The ruggedness that has always been associated with the car is set to remain intact, and so are its off-road capabilities. It is expected to have a generally rounded appearance while its tailgate will undergo modifications so as to provide better visibility to the users.

These improvements are likely to be received well in the market especially considering the fact that many economies have been reeling from the effects of the recent recession. This is a step that will affect the American car market as well as that of other countries that import cars from United States. The importation costs might go up due to the increased costs of manufacturing the car.

With all these improved features and the capability to run on diesel, the new Grand Cherokee will certainly be a revolution.




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