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Effective Business Website Development Boosts Usability

by anonymous

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Usability refers to the efficacy of the website interface when used by two totally different users. The concept of usability holds greater significance especially with the Internet opening the floodgates of International trade as it hovers above and beyond physical borders. A person from China, for example, can order from my e-commerce site in India. This is the reason why business website development should also give focus on usability in the international arena.

Traditional way to read

As a rule, most countries read from right to left. That’s the traditional reading direction of most users so you can take advantage of that by putting the trigger words at the start of each sentence. Long-tailed sentences should also be avoided or at least, properly sectioned by the clever used of punctuations. But countries in the Middle East train their attention to the right side of the page, even if they still read—by force of circumstance—the sentence from left to right. Their natural reading direction has always been right to left when they read in Arabic.

If you count the Middle East as one of your biggest clients, then maybe you can reverse the design because there’s no drop-off in usability of your business website development even if your Arab consumers start reading your site from right to left.

Using simple or fancy words

While in the subject of Arabic language, there’s a bit of a difference in the way they like their content. Whereas the SEO service provider might encourage you to use simple American English in your business website development project, when your market is in the Middle East you might have to utilize extravagant and poetic words. Just try to visit Arabic websites and you will find that they are more drawn toward flowery and ornate words. They don’t really go straight to the point, which US consumers might find annoying.

Ability to evolve

The best way is to make sure your business website development project has a lot of room to grow as y you try to study the nuances of the particular international market. Don’t be afraid to use local SEO companies that can tweak your e-commerce site. Some Chinese websites are designed to contain both the English version and the Chinese version of the content adjacent to each other on the same page. But do you think this is the best option as you run the risk of alienating the rest of your non-Chinese customers?  Building localized version may be the best alternative but only if you have the money.

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