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Why Does AC Compressor Fails

by PerseusCronus

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At this time, everybody becomes addict of facilities such as cell phones, car, laptop, computers, machines, LCD, LED, Electronic gadgets and A.C. environment. These all things become necessary and important part of our life and we feel troubles without having these facilities. When we thing about A.C. it does mean Air Conditioner i.e; it refines outside air and provide us fresh air by filtering outside air.

It is a device that used to consolidate air inside the tank. It works likely as a human's lungs. Because when one runs very fast then he has to hold his breath. It seems like a balloon is pumping inside his body. The air is pulled and compressed in the lungs that increases the air's pressure and decreases its volume. So these are same as human's lungs. They do work same as lungs.

There can be one of the two reasons to fail AC compressors:
1. Time and hours of operation
2. Improper or excessive use

There can be some more failures for these Compressor which occurs inside the system and cannot be maintained. But because they are common failures so they are avoided in the system unless the system has been substantially abuse.

Generally abuse is a result of improper or excessive use of this device or not providing service on time to time. The improper service can be like overloading the AC compressor, overcharging or undercharging it, installing the wrong capacitor while replacing it, insufficient oil or mixing the oil in the parts of electronic devices. There can be more reasons for failing the AC compressors like if you install an AC compressor in a system that is too small, installing an AC compressor inside a system which has already any burnout or damaged which is never rectified and installing electric device in a system where we did not use proper steps to remove the acid and oil from the system. By all the reasons electronic instrument can fails.

There are some more ways which can make it to fail. There can be a piston (rod) failure or a valve failure. AC compressor can fail open or shorted or bearing fail. If it fails open then the reason behind it to break the wire. It cannot be serviceable and system will not run. If system fails open and following steps cannot be solvable then the system need a new compressor. If compressor fail shorted, it can be due to burned off the insulation in the wire. It may be due to broken inside the compressor. Then just give up and try to buy a new one.

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