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Incident Command System- An Effective Tool to Handle Emergen

by Denis

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The word “disaster” creates a picture of destruction, damage and losses. It is a catastrophe causing physical damage to life or permanent damage to the natural environment. Most of the time, disasters are due to natural reasons, like earthquake, floods, volcanoes, tsunami, etc. However, we, human, are also responsible for causing disasters. Whatever is the reason, the truth is that it leaves nobody happy. Instead an irreversible loss to life and property are the only aftereffects of any disaster.

As far as natural disasters are concerned, no human has any control over it. What we can do is to come together after any such incident and help the victims. There are a lot of disaster management organizations which train people to help and cope up with the natural catastrophes. These organizations use different tools, techniques and systems to act smartly during emergencies. One of such system is nursing home incident command system (NMCIS).

This is very effective and renowned management tool which is designed to help nursing homes to assign staff and needed equipment and supplies to carry out emergency management duties. This proven management system includes business and military practices. These practices are the result of decades of learning in the organization and management of emergency incidents.

The origin of incident command system can be traced back in catastrophic California wildfires in the year 1970s. This calamity claimed thousands of lives and millions of property damage. After evaluation of the disaster, the personnel revealed that the heavy losses were not due to non-availability of resources or failure of tactics but due to inadequate management. Since then, ICS has been tested for 30 years in varied emergency and nonemergency applications by different levels of government and also in the private sector.

The nursing home incident command system uses the ICS as an overlay to the management systems of all existing nursing homes. The NMICS works in compliance with state’s emergency management system resulting in formal emergency response plans.

Sometimes, disasters also evolve out in the form of an epidemic disease. Though, there is no loss of property but if left unnoticed it can claim thousands of lives. These epidemics are mainly due to viral or bacterial infections. The best cure to these epidemics is to provide timely medical care.

Decades ago there were few epidemics which were going beyond control like small pox, cholera. However, thanks to the researches in the medical field, the cure came out. This cure was in the form of vaccine. If a person is given a particular vaccine for a disease, he is free of it for the lifetime. In order to save the maximum number of susceptible persons, a large number of disaster management agencies in government and private sector organize mass vaccination campaigns. In this, the camps are placed in each area and vaccination is given to the masses. This is done to make sure that no person is left with the vaccine and there can be a minimal number of individuals with that disease.

Now, mass vaccination is a very renowned programmed for preventing diseases and it has brought various dreadful diseases under control.

As a human being, we cannot avoid or reverse any catastrophe but we can always come together to fight with it and ensure minimal damage to life and property.

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