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International Community

by studyabroad

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International community usually refers to a group of governments of the world bound by common duties and obligations and respect for each other’s human rights.  In many school campuses all over the world, it is a group of international students with diverse races and cultures.  A university in the United States refers to international community as a group of students from various countries enrolled in its multitude of international study programs and activities in its various departments and offices.

This is also the concept of SpainExchange about the international community in an institution of learning where its affairs are usually under an office of international student services.  SpainExchange will help take you to some of these international communities throughout the world to know how diverse they are in their cultures and in their countries of origin, and how their students affect campus life and activities in other countries.

The diversity of students in this community has enlivened activities in, and has proven to be of benefits to many schools.  In an Irish college, for instance, where students from 35 countries are enrolled, the diversity has provided students with once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study in an international and multi-cultural environment.

In Canada, a university has committed to integrate a global perspective into its teaching and learning service functions by developing international academic linkages.

In Southeast England, its institution of higher learning has for its international community a combination of international students and staff “that brings a wealth of experience and culture to the campus.”  It has about 2,000 international students from 20 different countries as members of more than 100 campus societies.

A famous college in New York has claimed itself to be a melting pot of culture and viewpoints because of its many students coming from about 34 countries and 27 states around the world.  It allows the existence of many student organizations that have memberships of foreign students because they are said to support and celebrate diversity on campus through student activities.

A university in Wisconsin has students from over 50 countries comprising 12% of its student population identified with the international community, making the institution as the most diverse in the United States.

In a New Zealand university, its international community consists of students coming from 80 countries of the world, comprising 16% of the student population.  These students receive support and assistance and pastoral care from the school through its International Office, and are made to feel welcome to learn about the Kiwi (New Zealander) culture and their local counterparts.

In another college in Missouri, its international community on campus represents students from 18 countries who are allowed to participate in the school’s extra-curricular activities and get involved with student organizations.  Students born in other countries who are now permanent US residents and those simply studying in the country are considered members of the international community of students.  They are also given housing assignments upon application, and the option to request to live with an American or with an international student of his/her choice.

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