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London City Escorts aren’t too keen on Drunkards

by robertgale

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As the christmas season kicks in, people all over the capital are using their hard earned bonuses to indulge in nights on the town, with booze, clubs and London city escorts all heavily favoured. Bankers and lawyers in particular, are becoming especially festive and feisty. As the weekend of the 22nd hits, the City of London will be teeming with men in crisp suits and women in sensible skirts and just a little bit too much lipstick.

Behind their smart attire lies the promise of conduct that is far from respectable. Many of them, will be off their faces before 10 o’clock. Most can look forward to having a little bit too much, a swift vomit in a club toilet and a hazy, meandering walk back to their houses or to a nearby taxi. The select few that don’t are the ones that everyone wants to avoid: smug, arrogant bully boys, full of too much sambuca and too little common sense. With wallets- and egos, too full for their own good, they’re known for causing trouble and bringing unpleasantness wherever they go. In general, it’s fairly mild as far as drunken idiocy goes- there are no bottlings or serious fights- but the diminished sense of danger seems to bring with an increase in obnoxiousness. These guys like to swagger and sway, like sailors that have set foot on dry land for the first time in a decade. They’re the sort of men that will inevitably turn their nose up at all the local girls and London city escorts, only to devolve into a broken, angry, drunken mess later on. There’s normally begging, followed by mean spirited threats and what must people don’t realise is that they’re still a danger.

Who protects the streets from this privileged menace? The “specials”. Not to be confused with the band- although they have seen plenty of ghost towns during their time- specials are unpaid volunteers who receive partial training in a bid to bolster police numbers and keep incidents down. Unlike PCSOs, they have a bite to go with their bark and any man idiotic enough to try and resist their attempts to keep the peace can expect to spend the night in a cell.

When they’re in the City- which is, incidentally, the place that employs them more than any other in the capital- specials spend a great deal of their time gentling coaxing these irate brokers away from clubs that they’ve been barred from, uninterested women and other preening peacocks who are similarly inebriated. They do so with the care and compassion few would expect to see from what is essentially an amateur, and their patience is a credit to the Metropolitan police.

It’s an unenviable task, and your average special has seen more than their fair share of blood, vomit and cocaine. And that’s on the better nights... They’re always on the lookout for potential incidents, preferring to catch things before they boil over, rather than simply cleaning up the mess. It’s a difficult job but they make sure that honest gentlemen, who are just looking for a great night out with a few London city escorts, are able to enjoy themselves without the hassle of dealing with the jealousy of their less confident colleagues.


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