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Comparative analysis of risk involved: security guard

by liyo89

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There are a few notable differences between the job of a dedicated bodyguard and that of a security guard which makes these jobs susceptible to a varying degree of danger. We will treat this aspect as a constant, as, of course, during missions, each of these types of jobs have escalating and lower risks which can or cannot be necessarily managed with training.

So, we’ll take a look at what dangers are typically associated with these two job descriptions, and at the end we’ll set them up against each other to see which one fares better than the other in terms of expected level of danger.

Dangerous situations that can be expected by a security guard

A security task will often be faced with various tasks that stem from securing of objectives, patrolling, and maintaining order in a facility and even bodyguard like attributions, when they have to keep a close eye on a particular individual or small group of people.

While securing an objective, the security guard risks being attacked either melee or with weaponry of various types. The security task however does not need to stake out his life while in danger. Many security guards, when faced with an escalating danger or a danger outside the bounds of their contract can flee, or ask for back up or notify the authorities.

Also, the security guard of private security firms in London can further mitigate personal danger because the objectives of many of the field operatives is rather informational than action oriented. Besides, a security guard that expects to be treated with a high level of danger can use equipment that can enforce one’s physical protection. And, mostly, security guards will have a very good idea about what to expect when dealing with a situation, as security guards are rarely lacking information about their objectives.

Dangerous situations that can be expected by a bodyguard

A bodyguard’s danger management has to do with the client, and therefore, whether the person in cause is a low profile individual who doesn’t necessarily have many threats to consider, or whether he or she is a very well knows, sometimes even hunted down individual, the bodyguard’s situation can oscillate.

A bodyguard of private bodyguard companies can be tasked with the protection of a person every hour of the day and night, in which case the operations will be divided to larger teams or, the bodyguard needs to stay with the client only so much, during certain periods, in which case, the danger to himself is nominally larger during his service hours.

So, as we can see, the main difference between a security guard and bodyguard is that for the most part the bodyguard has only one mission to fulfill, that of protecting his employer for the required duration. Therefore, the higher the danger that individual is susceptible to, so will the bodyguard be.

The security guard on the other hand is less prone to constant danger, and also, he has many more ways of mitigating it or escaping it altogether. In the case of high brow personalities, bodyguards may even have to stake their own lives while doing their executive close protection services to protect the individual, a situation less prone to happen to a security guard.

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