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Metal Balustrades: The Unsung Heroes of Safety

by blackwellalexm

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Railings are safety elements designed
to protect people and vehicles from accidents, whether they are stainless steel
handrails or safety guard rails.

You will recognize these safety devices practically everywhere you go. They can
be seen along walkways, stairways, escalators, and on busy streets and
highways. These safety measures are presently seen, but their purpose and
design are often taken for granted. If you would imagine a scenario where you
are heading up a flight of stairs without any handrails for support in case you
lose your footing, or where you are driving down a long, winding road without
any guardrails, you would realize the danger that lurks in these places.


Metal balustrades, though often not recognized by pedestrians and motorists,
serve many purposes, mainly for people’s safety and convenience. A guardrail,
which is situated between two opposite lanes of traffic, is installed to keep motorists
in their lanes. Also, if accidental collision occurs, vehicles would not go
over the central island and pass through the opposite lane, which could cause
more damage. Guardrails are also installed on the outside lanes, especially on
bridges, curves, and sharp turns. Handrails, which are usually situated on
corridors and stairways, not only protect people from falling off but also help
assist as people go up and down the stairs. Balustrades can also be placed to prevent
people from falling off walkways and balconies.


These three safety measures aren’t
often regarded as important by passers-by but in reality, they serve several
different purposes and can even save lives. Their designs can be altered
depending on preference to fit the theme and ambiance of a certain location.
Often these balustrade designs along
with guardrails and handrails are made from stainless steel as it is more
practical for outdoor use, where they are more commonly installed. This is
because metal is more durable and can be bent and formed into different shapes.
It provides maximum durability and reliability especially on the purpose of


Some designs intended for
safety can be made from other materials, such as wood, glass, and plastic but
these are often much more costly or may be more prone to breakage. Wood
deteriorates faster than metal. Strong glass can be much more expensive and can
shatter into pieces if the right type is not used. This also goes with plastic,
which can deteriorate and be broken through constant wear and tear. When it comes
to safety, it is important to carefully consider what material should be used
for these safety devices so they can serve their purpose best.

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