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Medical Oncology/Surgical Oncology for Cancer Treatment

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Medical oncology/surgical treatment or surgical oncology is a specialized field and is offered by many hospitals. If you are diagnosed of cancer, you might be asked to undergo treatments like surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. These treatments can be given alone or in combination with each other. This would depend on many things like the type and stage of cancer, age and health of the patients and the types of treatments available for that type of cancer. However, when you have to select a hospital for the treatment of your loved one, you should keep a few things in mind.

Check the Reputation of Doctor & the Hospital: Many patients are advised to undergo surgery before or after chemotherapy and/or radiation. Check if the doctor has the relevant experience and qualification. If you have to undergo surgery to remove tumor, you should prefer a surgeon who has past experience in it or should have received formal training for it. The operation theater and ICU should have the latest equipments to help you recover after the surgery is over and your health is monitored.

Social support: Those who have cancer have to fight a very difficult battle and need a lot of emotional support and consultation from their team of health care providers and their family. Many patients and their families might require additional counseling sessions to help them cope with the side effects of the treatment. These sessions generate awareness about the treatment given to them. Some hospitals may provide them rehabilitation services. All this provides the much-needed support system to them.

During the counseling sessions and the rehabilitation treatment, you can ask all your doubts. Do not forget to ask the duration of the treatment. Take all the necessary precautions told by your oncologist. If you see any side effects that your doctor may not have told you about, do not hesitate to call your health care provider.

Multispecialty Hospital: you can prefer a multispecialty hospital to a hospital, which specializes in one kind of treatment, if it is located close by, or in the location where you can reach easily. The main reason is that the treatments for various types of cancers are usually almost the same. However, in a hospital with different types of treatment, you can consult various kinds of experts under the same roof. This may save you a lot of trouble later on.

Location: choose a hospital, which is either close to you, or where you can reach easily. Do not choose one where you would have to travel out of your state, unless it is necessary. When you start with your chemotherapy treatment, you may have a lot of fatigue and may not want to travel long distances.

One such hospital where you can trust yourself or your loved ones to be in the hands of an expert team is the Noble Hospital. It is a multispecialty hospital, with a separate department for Medical Oncology/Surgical oncology. They have a dedicated, qualified team of oncologists, surgeons, nurses, dietitians, physiotherapists, etc, who work as a team to provide holistic treatment for cancer patients. They have all the attributes of a good hospital.

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