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Goal setting: The best way to achieve things in your life

by liyo89

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Do you ever think to yourself, “I need to change my life  and get the life I deserve”?


You’re not alone.   When you set and try to achieve your goals, you’re making a plan for success – a roadmap to take you from ‘now’ to ‘future me’.   That’s why getting goal setting right is so important.


So how do you become a superstar goal-setter?  Well, the answer’s simple – you need to tap into powerful tools like goal setting software and online self-improvement communities.  One site that blends the best of these is – it’s free, fun and not only equips you with all  the tips and tools you need to succeed, but it also finds and brings you relevant books, articles, products and videos that specifically relate to the goals you’re attempting.


Sites like Wishbomb work by helping you to set your goals, and then break them down into smaller – more manageable – tasks and milestones.  This stops your goal from being overwhelmingly huge and ‘oh my God I’m never going to pull this off’ scary!


Let’s say you wanted to lose weight.  You start off by being specific about your goal – instead of wanting to ‘slim down’ or ‘get rid of my muffin top’, you should be more focused with goals like, ‘Lose 10 pounds’ or ‘Get my body fat down to 11%’.  You now have a measurable goal to try for.


Next, break your goal down day by day into tasks and milestones.  From going to the gym every other day to a weekly weigh-in milestone – these ‘mini goals’ will help you focus on the present and in turn make it more tangible.


25% of goal-setters say that they get overwhelmed by all the contrasting advice and information available on the Internet.  With this in mind, Wishbomb is the first site to actively help its users by automatically pulling in relevant information, advice and other useful goal setting tools


So if you have a goal, and you want a little more help with motivation, then check out sites like Wishbomb to find out why thousands of people are joining for free and finally getting the life they deserve.

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