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Strain Urinary Incontinence - An Overview

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Stress Urinary Incontinence is shortly called as SUI and it occurs when some activities like sneezing or coughing, causes a little amount of urine to leak from the urethra, which is nothing but a tube through which urine passes. This state is generally found in women, particularly older women and childbirth through normal delivery is known to be one of the most common reasons for this condition in women. Now, let us get into its causes:

In addition to childbirth, several other things also contribute towards SUI. Like when the muscles in the pelvic floor becomes weaker or when the sphincter muscle at the neck of the bladder gets weakened this state is caused. Menstruation, menopause and surgery done for other reasons can also cause this condition in women. When the pelvic muscles become weak, the bladder will drop into a position thereby resulting in the prevention of urethra to close completely and this in turn causes the urine to leak. So, are you worried about the symptoms and the following paragraph discusses about the same:

The fundamental symptom is that there will be leakage of urine when a lady in engaged in some physical activities. The level of leakage might be ranging from a single drop or an entire wetting as well, which will differ from one patient to another. Now, let us get into the treatment options available for this state:

Kegel exercises, which are otherwise called as pelvic floor exercises are known to be the most widely known treatment for this condition. Since these exercises can strengthen the muscles in the pelvic floor, the chance of leakage of urine can be greatly reduced.

If the kegel exercises do not work out, the health care provider might be suggesting the patient the device called pessary, which is nothing but a ring that is inserted through the vagina for putting pressure on the urethra so that it can be kept in its position for preventing leakage of urine. However, these sorts of devices can cause side-effects like vaginal discharge and infections.

There are also medications for this condition and if they are also not working out, the physician will be suggesting surgical procedures like TVT procedure and nowadays, these surgeries are performed as minimally invasive and so patients can just get these procedures as out-patients and even some of the health care providers might be suggesting overnight stays for some patients until they could normally urinate after completion of the surgical procedure like TVT Procedure.

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