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E Cigarettes Elicit Mixed Reactions

by elynieva

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The introduction of E cigarettes in the market has been riddled with controversy. Right from the health experts to regulation, there has been mixed reactions. The health experts are divided as far as the factual representation of benefits and harms of the product are concerned. There are those of the opinion that the device is very useful in dealing with addiction where others argue that e cigarette presents more problems than solution. When it comes to the legislation cigarette presents a situation where in some states the law is unclear or very widely as far as states and countries are concerned. In United States of America, the law varies where some states have regulated the use of device whereas in other, the laws are silent as far as the product is concerned.


The fact that e cigarettes have received such mixed reactions both from the public states shows that a considerable debate has been revolving around this issue. It is also worth appreciating that tobacco addiction is a real problem which needs to be tackled. Those who are into this addiction need help by all means. All that one needs to do is to appreciate that they have a real problem which needs to be solved. This process is known as acceptance; from this stage the addicted person can seek the necessary help. Despite the fact that health experts fail to agree on the use of e cigarette to treat addiction, there is a common understand and appreciation that this type of cigarette can lead to more benefits than harm to the users. Adopting this kind of treatment might be beneficial in the long run. What needs to be done is to come up with policies which will help in controlling its usage as far as age is concerned. We should not have a situation where a product which is meant to reduce tobacco smoking addiction gets to contribute towards increase number of smokers. The fact that the cigarette is considered to be sophisticated as well as belonging to a higher class consumer can lead to increased usage. This is where the experts as well as the state need to come in. The experts need to give facts as far as the product is concerned. On the same line the state need to issue guidelines as far as the control of this product is concerned. Those who misguide others as far as the benefits of the product are concerned should be forced to take.

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