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A recession might seem like the worst time to start a business but for those with a strong idea and the right business plan it can work to their advantage. FTI Management Consulting Ltd pressed ahead with the launch of a new concept in the professional services industry, called despite warnings from friends about launching at a time when the economy was going into recession.

According to the management team of the company «The timing has almost worked to our advantage. It's a business that helps individuals and companies to save money and time and at the same time to receive competitive bids from professional service providersfrom all over the world. It's also good for professional services providers because they can maximise their revenues and at the same time to increase their clientelle."

As mentioned above was launched in 2012 by a team of individuals that were looking to incorporate/register a new Cyprus company. “It was so difficult to find the ideal service provider to incorporate the cyprus company but also to avoid the extra costs. We were calling for several days to service providers, we were waiting for their prices and at the end we realise that the quotes given to us was very inconsistent. We felt that we could add value to the process by creating a platform for professional service providers and customers to meet and transact benefiting from the convenience and immediacy the internet can provide. And then… Profbids was created”

But how is works? To get a quote you simply describe your interested professional service (incorporation of ofshore or onshore companies, accounting, audit, translation, secretarial, nominee services, web design). There is no need to disclose your exact name but you may disclose the dates and budget for the engagement (the more flexible, the more quotes you will receive). Professional service provides bid for your desired service. You can read profiles and business informations for the professional service providers as well as feedbacks from previous customers. You can compare the bids and then if and only if you agree you click on “Accept Bid” button. team will arrange for everything else.

As a summary was created, a platform for Professional Service Providers and customers to meet and transact benefiting from the convenience and immediacy the internet can provide. The site is touted as a “one-stop-shop” for all of your professional services needs where you can bid, screen, select, schedule, rate and even pay for those services online. The platform specialises on the connection of individual’s intrerested for the incorporation of offshore (British Virgin Islands, Belize, Seychelles etc) as well as onshore companies (Cyprus, Malta, UK) with international service providers. So in case you are interested for the registration of a new company please try There is no need to accept any bid, you just list your desired service and then you compare the bids received. Just like an “Ebay for professional services”.

we here at ProfBids have years of experience in providing company incorporation services in the most professional manner. Via us all potential customers and Professional Service Providers get the perfect opportunity to meet. Visit us to learn more about us and our services.


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