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Williams Data Protection and Similar Services Keep Your Safe

by rubybadcoe

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You have been tasked with strategizing how best to manage the processes of capturing, imaging, and storing your organization's documents. And if you have taken as much as a brief look into it, then you probably know just how complicated it can be. There are just too many moving pieces to keep track of.

Before you lose your head trying to figure out a workable system to manage your documents, take a deep breath and calm yourself down. Heed this advice from reliable Williams Data Management and other data management companies: Define the scope of your document management program at the outset. Doing so will enable you to identify the requirements of your document management system (DMS).

There are different issues to address when defining the scope of your document management program, not the least of which is geographic coverage. Ask yourself this question: Should the program be implemented at the local level or will it be used regionally, nationally, or internationally? The answer to that question has a lot of implications in terms of system performance, technology, and compliance requirements.

Another aspect of program scope definition involves assessing the types of documents that you plan to target. Different formats require different technical capabilities and certainly different economics. Document management products available in the market today easily accommodate text files, images, email, web pages, and social media posts. If you are unsure which type of documents you will be dealing with the most, it would be difficult to design the best process and choose the appropriate technology for your DMS.

The functionality that your organization requires must also be considered when defining the scope of your document management program. You must be able to set the boundaries on the kinds of capabilities that your DMS need to acquire. If the purpose centers on, for example, invoice processing, key features might include capture, imaging, and workflow functions. Knowing that these are the features you require points you to vendors who have the appropriate expertise.

Your document management project’s scope can be likened to an umbrella. Get the scope wrong and you don’t get adequate coverage. Fortunately, data management experts like Williams Data Management can help you determine the full extent of a DMS appropriate for your organization. Done defining the scope of your data management program? Check out when you’re ready to plan your DMS.


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