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There’s Nothing Wrong with Caring about How You Look

by anonymous

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Back in the day, men were men. Or, so we’re told and so many choose to believe. There was a time when a man was bold and brave and heroic. A time where men worked in plain trousers and a rolled up shirt, when finery was alien to a man. He was a simple, hardworking being and all the better for it. You still hear people talking about what it is to be a man, telling others to “be a man” or “man up!” To these people, men indulging in moisturising creams or cosmetic dentistry is abhorrent, it’s the sign of them getting weaker, the sign of the rock solid base of society going soft. It wasn’t like that in their day.

Except, it was. As shocking as it may seem to some, it’s nothing new for men to care about their appearance and be concerned with things other than belching, eating and having a pint. Back in the times of Ancient Egypt, men used to freely wear makeup, in fact they would often wear more than the women! They would garb themselves in the finest clothes and take careful preparations to ensure that they looked their best. No one could describe Henry VII as lacking in traditional masculinity, but he was careful to dress in the latest fashions and loved to wear gems and jewelry. It just goes to show that all these ideas of what makes a man are just silly, narrow-minded myths. A man is just as entitled to care about his looks as a woman is. If he wants to have a dental cosmetic treatment, or a tummy tuck or even just wants to buy a pink shirt, he should be able to do so without acquiring a silly “metrosexual” title.

Looks are important too. It may seems shallow to judge people based of them, but there really is something that be gained from looking at  a person. They say you can judge a man by the shoes that he wears and the company that he keeps and many do so, although one mustn’t obsess over their looks to the point of self indulgent vanity, a bit of thought about how you present yourselves to others will get you a long way. Sherlock Holmes famously deduced much about his prospective clients from their appearance: from a mud stain here and a drop of wax there, he was able to gain an insight into a person that he’d never even met before. In the same vein, turning up for a good interview looking scruffy and unkempt is one sure way to put any employer off. You only get one shot at a first impression, so why risk making a bad one just to satisfy some bizarre idea of  masculinity?

That’s why more and more men are taking care of themselves and making efforts to be much more presentable. There’s been a real rise in non essential treatments- cosmetic dentistry in London, for example, has never been so popular- and it’s easy to see why: men want to feel good about themselves. They want to feel attractive, they want to have the self confidence to go out into the world without regrets or anxieties. Who can blame them?

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