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Plastic Surgery and Making Your Best Impression

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People in Beverly Hills judge by appearances. But to be fair to our California citizens, that truth is universal. It is often said that the most powerful impression made of someone is within seconds of first seeing them, not nearly long enough to get to know them or even exchange words. Fair or not, appearance is very important. The way a person looks ought to reflect, as much as possible, who they are and what kind of impression they would like to make. Sadly, clothing and makeup can only go so far in creating the appearance a person desires. A plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, however, can help correct problems to a person’s physical form.

We have very little control over certain aspects of our appearance. Much of the way we look is determined by genetics and early childhood conditions. While diet and exercise can make some difference in the way our bodies look, height, body type, and shape are entirely up to genes. Flattering clothing and makeup can disguise flaws and enhance the appearance of features, but only to an extent. The only thing that can be altered about a person’s body with any ease is the hair, and even then, there are some limitations.

Features like noses, mouths, chins, and cheekbones can impact the entire face. Although we cannot control our bone structure, they have the ability to ruin our self-esteem and confidence. A plastic surgeon, however, can help someone overcome their genetic flaws with simple procedures. One of the most common features that women and men have trouble with is the nose. A nose can dominate the look of an entire face, but a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills with an eye for beauty can help you better realize your ideal self with rhinoplasty, which can alter the shape and size of a nose.

A plastic surgeon is not limited to work on the face. Other people may be unhappy with their body. Women may want to change the size of their breasts, and both genders may be interested in having the shape of their bodies contoured with liposuction. Exercise and diet cannot change body type, so these procedures are good for people who have done what they can to obtain and maintain fitness but are still discontent with the way they look.

Appearances are important, not just because they influence the opinions of other people, but because they affect confidence and self-esteem. Someone who likes the way he or she looks will typically be happier, more outgoing, and more confident. A plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills can provide someone who is interested in altering their appearance a way to optimize their looks to make a better impression.

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