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Use Mac Photo Recovery to Recover Data From Non-Loading Mac

by anonymous

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Mac systems have not only been a stalwart of support, but have provided a great image, audio and video quality. That is why, most of the professionals in the field of media, photography, and other allied streams depend majorly on this machine. This machine is however like any other machine, and is prone to many problems, like failure of different parts, like, CD-ROM, memory, hard drive, and various other parts. And this brings trouble to the various graphics professional. Though they get very few viruses, spyware, adware, and malware, they are prone to data loss. And in such situations, these professionals need to look at recovery solutions, like Mac photo recovery software to recover their audios, videos, and photos too.


One of my friends, who had just started working as an intern, for a video editor, met with one such tragedy. He had been working on one of the most prestigious projects that the firm had received and abruptly, his foot hit the machine during shutdown. The next day, the machine didn't respond. Taken aback by this sudden response from the machine, he didn't know what to do. His video editing career was finished even before it had started. The guys would not only kick him out, but will give him a terrible feedback. He approached his pal in the tech support team, and confided in him. On hearing the entire case, his friend inspected the system, and came to the conclusion that the machine had not been damaged because of his foot, but had developed some other problem. On inspecting further, he found it was a typical hard drive issue. And they simply had to take the hard drive out, attach it to another computer, and see, if it was readable by another system. The moment they connected, they found data recovery was possible from the hard drive, though they will have to buy a software.


Instantly, they installed the demo version of Mac photo recovery software, on another machine, and lo-and-behold, their videos were immediately available for a preview. They bought the full version of the software, to immediately recover all the files, and then informed the authority about the problem with the hard drive.


Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is a software that recovers videos, audios and photos in 3-simple steps, select media, start scan, and recover required files. Compatible with Mac OS X 10.6, 10.5, 10.4, and 10.3.9, this Mac photo recovery software is quite user-friendly, and has a context-sensitive help manual.


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