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Recovery of your deleted partition is possible

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The BIOS (Basic Input Output System) of your system is the first code run by your PC when powered on. The primary function of the BIOS is to load the operating system, initialize all the devices attached and are properly synchronize. The BIOS has a menu system and you can change it's settings to set the order of the boot device, modify date/time, enable/disable anti-virus etc. However, you should be careful in making the changes, as that may lead to corruption of the partition table. Sometimes, the wrong change in settings may result in popping up an error message and the booting process is halted every time you start up. As very few people take regular backup, any effective partition recovery software is the only option left with the user to recover his/her inaccessible data.

Taking an unusual but quite possible scenario into discussion, suppose you went into your BIOS setting to change the boot order and found that your time was not set. You set the time, saved the setting and came out restarting your PC. To your utter dismay, following error flashed at the start up of your system:

“No operating System installed”

Then, in a haste, you started recovering with your recovery CD. Though the CD was not scratched, it showed another error like:

" CD/DVD Error please restart system recovery".

And you continue encountering  the error message regarding missing operating system.
Possible Causes:

You have mistakenly changed the settings of Partition table in BIOS.
Your partition table has been infected by virus or malware.

Reformat the system
Create all the partitions again

However, with all your precious data stored in your hard drive partitions, formatting will erase them all. Left with no other means of resolving the above issue, you need to choose any power packed partition recovery software. Such partition recovery utilities recover all the lost data and restore them in their original form.
Stellar possess one of the efficient partition recovery software in the name of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery. It employs some advanced scanning algorithms to recover your data completely and orderly. The software is compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 2003 and 2000. This partition recovery software has a lucid and easy to use graphical user interface. You can try the demo version of the utility which is available on Stellar's website.

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