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Lilian S. Ong, DDS: Aiding Patients with Sleep Apnea

by robbybellinger

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According to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), every person needs to get at least 7-8 hrs of sleep since it is crucial to good health and well-being. Sadly, millions of people still do not get adequate sleep while others even suffer from different sleep disorders. One of these ailments – sleep apnea – affects more than 15 million people in America.

Sleep apnea is a severe problem that prevents a person from getting sufficient sleep due to interruptions in breathing. Interruptions could last from a few seconds to minutes, happening up to 30 times or more in an hour. When breathing stops briefly or comes to be shallow, one can move out of deep sleep and into light sleep which leads to poor sleep quality. If you've been diagnosed with sleep apnea, it is an excellent idea to talk with trusted dentists like Lilian S. Ong, DDS.

A dental professional can help customers with sleep disorders like snoring by assessing their airways including the adenoids, tonsils and examining for and closed- or open-bite problems. Subsequent to the analysis, the dentist will use a breathing device to open the airways and move the tongue so that it points forward. That way, it will certainly be a lot easier to breathe while sleeping.

Sleep apnea may affect anybody regardless of age. People that are likely to be impacted by the disorder are those that have high blood pressure, are obese, snore loudly, and with a family history of the ailment. If your youngster's snoring is getting out of hand, it should be discussed with his doctor or a healthcare provider. Sleep apnea is diagnosed via a set of physical exams and testimonials of the patient's medical history.

Sleep apnea needs to be treated right away to avoid its damaging consequences. Irritability, depression, sexual disorder, high blood pressure, as well as learning and memory problems are just some of the known consequences. If that's not alarming enough, you'll be shocked that people with severe sleep apnea are two to three times more likely to get involved in vehicle crashes based on studies.

Some individuals will have to deal with sleeping ailments at some point in their life. If you hit that point, the best thing to do is obtain the services of professionals like Lilian S. Ong, DDS so that any kind of sleeping affliction can be remedied. If you would such as to read more on sleep apnea, go to to NIHLBI. NIH. gov.

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