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What is the Process mdnsresponder.exeBonjour Service on Win

by maddyacca

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Noticed mDNSResponder.exe in Task Manager? Neither did you install it nor do you see it listed in Add/Remove programs. So why is the process running?



The identity of mDNSResponder.exe Bonjour Service

iTunes automatically install the program associated with mDNSResponder.exe process, you would recognize it as Apple’s “Zero Configuration Networking” or more specifically the Bonjour program for Windows. For iTunes to exchange service information with other iTunes software on the shared network, Bonjour is the main tool used.

Don’t get alarmed if mDNSResponder.exe is running even though you don’t use iTunes. This is because Bonjour can come along other software installations like Pidgin, Safari and Skype. It threads the clients on the same network together.

This Windows Service can be located in services panel or brought up from Start menu by typing services.msc in the search box. Also, you can disable the process whenever you wish.

Services panel

The trouble is the process isn’t listed in Add/Remove Programs option so you cannot remove it directly from there. Fortunately, there are other ways to get rid from it. Be careful to only remove it if you do not wish to utilize its function later on.

Important: If you share media over iTunes or any such program, do not delete this process.

Remove mdnsresponder.exe Bonjour Service

You don’t really need to completely delete it off your system since you can simply disable the process instead. Go to Services panel, locate the service and double click on it. Change the Startup type under General tab to Disabled.

Bonjour Service Properties

Stopping mDNSResponder.exe using the above option is the most straightforward method and lets you enable it again when you need it.

To totally get rid of it

Okay, if you want to remove it once and for all then you must follow… another simple step. From administrator power (Run as Administrator), launch Command Prompt and access the installation directory, that being:

\Program Files\Bonjour

The method is slightly different for Vista and Windows 7 (x64) users. Go to Program Files (x86) folder and give the command:

mDNSResponder.exe /?

Command Prompt

Now you have reached where you needed to be to remove the process. Finally, type:

mDNSResponder.exe –remove

You will be notified of the removal of this service. This will only be effective if you are operating from Administrative mode.

Command Prompt - directory

At this point, renaming the DLL file in the directory will be a benefitting step:

ren mdnsNSP.dll mdnsNSP.blah

Removing the said directory is another option you can avail.

To Enable it

At times you remove what you think is totally unnecessary and end up losing some of your Apps’ proper functioning. If this happens, you can always go back to reinstalling Bonjour from this command:

mDNSResponder.exe -install

Didn’t you delete it?

Such are the reasons why completely deleting anything without fully knowing about it is not recommended. This is why you were made to rename the process in the above steps. To reinstall Bonjour, hit Apple’s page.

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